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Goal Stick Brands in the NHL

Rask Warrior Goal Stick

Although a Vaughn man for pads and gloves, like 12 other NHL goalies, Boston's Tuukka Rask prefers a Warrior Stick. Photo by Scott Slingsby

Following up on yesterday’s useless stat of the day comparing goal pad brand and GAA, here is a histogram showing the number of NHL goalies using each brand of stick, according to the Goalie Guild’s Pads Tracker.

For more information on each brand you can visit their sites:

Bauer – you can now customize your stick at Bauer’s site

About The Author

David Hutchison

David is one of the founders of InGoal Magazine which he began in 2009. Of course he finds time for some goaltending of his own as well, and despite his age, clings desperately to the idea that some NHL team will call him to play for them - though in his mid-forties (OK, late 40s) it'll likely be for a practice when everyone else on their depth chart has the flu and the shooter tutor has gone in for repairs.


  1. rob

    I’d love to know what model they’re using. I assume they’re all custom so there’s probably not a lot of useful information in knowing the model, but still… I’m surprised the warrior stick is as popular as it is – the blade on my warrior stick broke the very first time I used it, and I found it to be very heavy.

  2. JR

    True or false? Most of these sticks are made at one or 2 plants and stamped with a different logo?

    • David Hutchison

      I’m sure some are the same….not sure about just one or two plants – but then nothing would surprise me. If anyone knows where we can get more detailed information, I’d love to follow it up with an in-depth story.

  3. Philip Maltese

    As always, my contributions are not mentioned.

    I’ll explain. Back in 1999 I debuted a one piece graphite goalie stick at the PHATS/SPHEM trade show in Kansas City, MO. From what I saw, no other company even had a one piece player’s stick. At the time I wasn’t using Innovative yet to produce my sticks, but that would come a year later.

    I was the one that used the paint fade on the stick to show the graphite pattern on the blade. For my second stick pattern we used bright colors to match up with gear, except for the Maltese green color, which one can see on many sticks, especially the warriors. The goalie sticks warrior has today came from my efforts and funds and as usual…no credit where it’s due.

    Like the media, my industry peers ignore my contributions.

    Same goes for any gel, in any form being used in today’s gear.

  4. Jacob c

    first off its says goal pad uses in the NHL so that makes no sense because according to this goalies are using some pretty awful pads

    • Kevin

      It’s only sticks, don’t know why it says pads. Most use either reebok, vaughn or bauer. There are one or two who use koho,sher-wood, brians and warrior, but even then most of them are just different sponsorships for customized pads. Some even have different brand bases with their sponsor’s branding on top.


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