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Help Pick Tuukka Rask’s Vaughn Gear for Next Year

Help Pick Tuukka Rask’s Vaughn Gear for Next Year
Tuukka Rask

Tuukka Rask wants you to help him choose his Vaughn equipment colours and patterns for next season. (InGoal photo by Scott Slingsby)

Tuukka Rask has no problem staring down the National Hockey League’s top shooters.

Choosing the colours and patterns for his new set of Vaughn pads and gloves for the Boston Bruins’ upcoming season, however, has proven a bit more difficult.

So Rask, whose new $56-million contract extension ensures he will top the NHL goaltending pay list when the season starts in less than two months, is turning to his fans for help.

Thanks to the magic of social media and the good folks at Vaughn Custom Sports, you can help choose the look of Rask’s next set. And while the differences, like the use of colour itself, in the five options, are subtle – Rask clearly wants to maintain the predominately (and dominant) mostly white trend of last season – the responsibility is still great.

So head on over to the Vaughn Facebook Page and vote for which of the five options you prefer by adding a “like” to the one you want Rask to wear, and piping up with the reasons why in the comment section below. But hurry, now that the NHL and NHL Players’ Association have finally agreed on the new pad height rules for next season, the big companies like Vaughn have already started cranking out new gear.

As for  other gear preferences, Rask discusses how his gear plays into his style in the next issue of InGoal Magazine, but wears a VPG 7600 Velocity pad, the B 7600 blocker, and a T 8800 trapper. (For more on the various Velocity options, including how all the different glove models fit and catch differently, be sure to re-visit the InGoal Magazine review of the Vaughn V5 line from last summer’s edition). Only the colours change, and this year you can help decide them.

As a teaser, here are three of the five options. Remember to go to the Vaughn Facebook Page to cast your own vote for the upcoming season:


Tuukka Rask Vaughn Gear Option 1

Tuukka Rask Vaughn Gear Option 2

Tuukka Rask Vaughn Gear Option 3

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  1. Jesse Gonzales

    Option #3

  2. Aaron Cathcart-McKinnon

    Yellow stitching, yellow Overbumb (outside roll), same kneerolls as option 3

  3. matthew

    option 2

  4. Dan

    Option 2

  5. Kyle

    None! Why do these companies spent so much time and money coming up with new graphics, when all these pros wear boring white pads. Guess what, white pads aren’t fooling any shooters, they know where your pads are especially after they are covered in puck marks. Time to bring back dark colors that accent team jerseys.

    • marc duguay

      i agry Kyle, all white is boring, bring back the full colors!

  6. Jerome

    Option 2 with sport gold color binding

  7. marc duguay

    option 2. GO GO BLACK AND GOLD!

  8. Eric Vincelette

    option 2

  9. Andrew

    I’d go with the white ones

  10. Wolfy

    All white pads are a European thing. That’s where it started. Rask being Finnish, it stands to reason he likes them that way. Option #3 is the way to go, I think. Mostly white, with a little Bruins flavor thrown in.

  11. Ian Bernard

    2 or 3

  12. DJ

    I like the trapper and blocker from option 1, pads from option 3

  13. michael f winters

    I know it is late in the game so maybe next year BUT;
    Tuuk, Why not take bids for charity & let the high bid win
    the right to select from scratch. Then you MUST wear them
    even if they are atrocious. The only limit is they could only
    use White Black & Gold.

  14. Ryan

    I would like more color, but option 2.

  15. Matt

    Option 1… It shows off the excellent craftsmanship at Vaughn by revealing the stitching.

  16. Bennett

    I like option 1

  17. Bob

    Option 2

  18. Laurie

    Option 3

  19. stacy

    option #2 with more color

  20. Kyle p

    Option 2 by a little bit but 1 got destroyed. 3 was good but 2 was better