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The Hockey Shop Fire Sale: Once in a lifetime savings

It hasn’t been an easy stretch for our friends and long-time supporters at The Hockey Shop, but two months and two days after a fire in their shipping room shut things down, they are ready to re-open temporarily at a new location, and with a sale that might be the biggest in hockey history.

That really isn’t an exaggeration; this sale is as once-in-a-lifetime as the fire hopefully was.

This Saturday at 9 a.m. The Hockey Shop will open their Outlet Store, with over $4 million of equipment, and the goaltending gear is priced between 40 and 70 percent off (the player gear is 50 to 70 percent off). The temporary store is located jut a few blocks from the original, at the old Best Buy, on the corner of King George Highway and 100 Avenue in Surrey, in the corner of the parking lot for Central City Shopping Center. It’s a massive space and it’s full of massive savings.

This is what 350 sets of blockers and gloves looks like – and they have another 350 ready for the Fire Sale.

The best news for hockey players and goalies in the area who have come to depend on The Hockey Shop for all things puck, is the temporary location will also include the return of their unmatched skate sharpening and equipment repair business, and a place for their massive Team Sales operation, allowing things to get back to normal while the original store is rebuilt a few blocks away.

In the meantime, there is A LOT of inventory (26,000 square feet worth) that was in the old store when the fire started, and it’s priced to sell quickly, so come early and don’t be surprised if there are lineups.

That’s not the only caveat that comes with a fire sale:

For starters, it’s important to note that due to supplier restrictions, this sale is IN STORE ONLY. They hope to have the online store up and running soon but new inventory is limited and will be coming in next month. And sorry, but with the volume expected, you can’t call and ask to put things on hold until you can get there. Their staff will be too swamped to answer the phone, so it’s first-come, first-serve.

The crew was still unpacking mountains of boxes on Thursday to get ready for the outlet store fire sale.

More caveats from The Hockey Shop staff: Some of the gear might still be a little smokey. This equipment was in the store when the fire occurred, but for those of you familiar with the set up, the goalie department is downstairs and their storage is too. The fire was upstairs and limited to the back loading area. Most of this equipment was in a plastic bag, inside a box in storage and while the caveat is necessary, InGoal was on site Thursday and couldn’t smell smoke on any of the gear we sniffed.

There will be no goalie masks or cages, and goalie skates are a week or two away. (for players, there are no helmets, cages, or skates). All sales are final; there are no returns or exchanges, and no warranty. Water bottles, mouth guards and some other items lost in the fire won’t be in stock for a few weeks.

Now the good news:

Staff was still sorting this giant pile of pads for the fire sale.

The fire sale inventory includes:

  • Over 800 pairs of leg pads
  • Over 700 Trappers
  • Over 650 Blockers
  • Over 2000 Goal Sticks
  • Over 600 Chest Protectors
  • Over 400 Goal Pants
  • a crazy amount of apparel from Under Armour, CCM, Bauer, Gongshow, Adidas and more!

For those of you wanting to zoom in on that photo and see if you can get close enough to see the sale price tagged on that set of CCM Flex 3 Pro pads in the front, we’ll save you the trouble: That $2,000 set of new, latest-model pads was marked down to just $1,187.99. For more – and even bigger – discounts on composite sticks and other protective equipment, you’ll have to visit in person.

Based on what we saw in store Thursday, it will be worth the trip, even if it involves a road trip from further away, because the Fire Sale that starts Saturday dwarfs any Black Friday offers we’ve seen.


The Hockey Shop Outlet Store
10025 King George Blvd Surrey BC

Opening Weekend Hours:
Sat – 9am to 6pm
Sun – 11am to 5pm
Mon – 10am to 6pm

Regular Hours:
Mon – Fri – 10am to 6pm
Sat – 10am to 6pm
Sun – 11am to 5pm

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