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How Braden Holtby Likes to Wear his Goalie Gear

How Braden Holtby Likes to Wear his Goalie Gear

Braden Holtby followed up a franchise record-setting season with an impressive run in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The run may have ended in a tough loss to Game 7 King Henrik Lundqvist this week, but the “Holt-beast,” as he was referred to by Washington Capitals fans, finished the postseason with a .944 save percentage in 13 games, overcoming illness in the First Round to backstop the Capitals past the New York Islanders and matching Lundqvist save for save right through to overtime of the deciding game in the Second Round.

Here is a closer look at how one of the NHL’s best playoff goalies wears his CCM Extreme Flex II pads:

Braden Holtby Set Up EFlex 2

It’s not surprising to learn that Holtby prefers CCM’s “Super Tight” leg channel. Like Jonathan Bernier of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Semyon Varlamov of the Colorado Avalanche, he has always been a goaltender that likes to strap his pads up tighter than others in order to feel really connected through the shin and into the boot.

Some might find it interesting that Holtby prefers nylon in the center of his leg channel instead of the richer plush grey Nash material, but some goalies find the nylon has less “grip” to it and provides a more slippery surface, allowing the leg to more easily rotate inside the leg channel no matter how tight they strap up the pad.

You can read an in-depth review of the new CCM Extreme Flex Pro II pads and gloves, including the custom options listed for Holtby in the latest InGoal Magazine Special Equipment Edition, which also includes a review of the “massive and mobile” new CCM Premier Pro Chest Protector.

CCM has also done a nice job of putting together a link to a downloadable PDF that fully explains all the custom alternatives, including the various leg channel and knee cradle options. It also includes set up preferences like the one above for the entire CCM and Reebok Pro Team, including Bernier and Varlamov. And, of course, goalies can play with all the options and build their own set on the new CCM customizer.


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