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InGoal Sneak Peek: The New Warrior Ritual for 2012

InGoal Sneak Peek: The New Warrior Ritual for 2012


The Ritual Review is here – check out the December Edition of InGoal Magazine

Warrior Ritual Gear for InGoal Magazine

The 2012 Warrior Ritual sits in the locker room before InGoal's first test session.

Working at InGoal Magazine certainly has its perks.

Talking to National Hockey League goalies about how and why they play the position certainly ranks highest on that list, even after more than a decade of doing so. But as any goaltender will tell you, nothing tops that Christmas morning feeling that comes at the sight of new equipment. And that goes double for yet-to-be-released goaltending gear that has only been worn by professional puck stoppers up to this point.

So imagine the pure joy when a large box marked “Warrior” showed up at the InGoal offices late last week.

Inside was the new Ritual line designed by Pete Smith, who we already had the pleasure of talking with in-depth during a private meeting at the recent hockey trade show in Las Vegas. To say Smith, who ran his own company after designing for Vaughn, is excited about the line is an understatement, and after taking it for a spin we understand why.

InGoal will bring you the complete results of those tests, which included puck stoppers from the rec-league to junior-hockey ranks, in the upcoming November edition of our new digital magazine, along with video breakdowns of the innovative features in Warrior’s Ritual line, and footage of it in action, on both the website and in the newsletter.

For now, however, we’ll start with some photos of the fresh new gear to whet your appetite. While fans of the 6000 line from Smith’s old company will recognize a few features, rest assured there are plenty of new ones as well:

About The Author

Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. JR

    As a Smith 5000 owner, love Pete’s goalie gear! This set looks awesome!

  2. edgar mckinney

    this nice color goal pads!

  3. Nick H.

    Sharp set!

  4. BankerDude

    Gorgeous. I’m an immediate fan.

  5. The Spoonman

    This new goalie gear by WARRIOR designed by Pete Smith looks fantastic. I will be waiting patiently for the test results but so far I like what I see.

  6. Ted


    (Side note: rink locker rooms really do look the same everywhere, don’t they)

  7. Eric

    I agree with the above comments. Sharp looking set! And I love the Warrior brand name. Literally, the name itself. Warrior!! Perfect for hockey equipment and goalie gear in particular. We are warriors of the crease!

  8. Ron

    Must. Have. Now.
    Seriously, my trusty Smith 4000 set is almost at the end of its useful lifespan and I will soon be in need of a replacement.
    If the Ritual line is as well-designed and well-built as Pete’s eponymous gear, it should be as big a hit as Vaughn’s V1 (also designed by Smith) was when it was released.

  9. jeffory a baker

    i can not for the life of me find anyone who knows what a goalie cut jersey is . i am looking for a NJ red MB jersey . how bout you guys !

  10. Lyle duncan

    SHARP SET!!!!!! I as a goalie, am dying for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Aaron halvorsen

    I already started to save up for them like a month ago CAN NOT wait !!! 😀

  12. Chris

    My ONLY complaint here is with Warriors recent trend to leave eyelets out of there catchers! That’s fine if your a pro in the NHL and get fresh gear 2 and 3 times a year. For us schmucks who have to pay a whack of cash for a pro catcher this just limits the playing life of the glove! Who wants to pay an extra $100 or so to get them added when you just shelled out a mint for the thing in the first place!

    • MIKE

      believe me not having eyelets will not be a problem. I have had gloves worn out faster because of the eyelets themselves. I got a pair of Pete’s gloves earlier this year and not having eyelets has not impacted them one bit.

  13. fabhabs

    i have this and they are boss!!

  14. Jessica

    these are so light and comfortable!

  15. Richard St-Onge

    Obviously Pete’s best stuff ever! I kinda like the tweaks made to meet the NHL rulings.

    David, can you email me please? I have a question for you. Thx

  16. derek

    these look amazing. hoping to get my hands on a set

  17. Kyle

    Pads look great. I have a set of the 6000. My only complaint is I’ll be spending about an entra $750.00 for the set from a factory, when Pete measured me at his shop for my last set. Looks like they are making a line down from the pro, might be worth looking into. Pete’s pads were such high quality a set down might compare to the pro quality of other manufactures. I hope Pete designed the catcher. Warrior has never made a decient one.

  18. Rich

    Even though Smith makes well thought out quality gear, I am a little concerned about wearing around the toe edge. It looks pretty stiff around the toe and with just a single layer there, i would think it might wear out fairly quickly. Not to mention it looks like it might be hard to repair. Barring that they look like a nice set.

  19. Walt compton

    I don’t care what brand. If its a step down version its probably import and if its import its junk. Bottom line you cant get quality gear out of the orient. There is a reason for the price difference. If your going with import, do it where it doesn’t count, maybe a chin strap.

  20. Walt compton

    Hey for those Who fans. Isn’t Pete starting to look like Pete Townsend.