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Introducing New Carbon Enhanced Vaughn V6 2200

Introducing New Carbon Enhanced Vaughn V6 2200
Mike Vaughn President of Vaughn Hockey - Custom Goaltending Equipment Makers

Mike Vaughn President of Vaughn Hockey – Custom Goaltending Equipment Makers

“Much like the new Vaughn Velocity V6 2000 line we debuted last week, the new V6 2200 might look familiar at first glance, but don’t let looks fool you. We have been working on this launch for more than two and a half years, constantly seeking out and testing new materials and suppliers in order to find a way to bring all the benefits of carbon fiber to goaltending, with total weight savings of almost four pounds from previous models.

“Vaughn’s patent-pending flexible carbon fiber and resin also allows us to maximize all the durability and impact absorption benefits of this incredible material in a way that improves the puck-stopping properties goalies have come to count on from all our different equipment lines.

“At Vaughn, we are a goalie company and we know one extra save every couple of games can be the difference between good and great. That’s why we constantly strive to improve our product, and while it may look familiar from a distance, the 2014 line with Carbon Enhanced Performance is a big improvement for goaltenders everywhere.”

~ Mike Vaughn, President of Vaughn Custom Sports, The Goalie Company

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Introducing the new Vaughn Velocity V6 2200:

Vaughn V6 2200 entire set up (1 of 1)


Vaughn unveiled its new Carbon Fiber Performance feature at InGoal Magazine last week with the debut of their new Velocity V6 2000 line, and while the use of patent-pending flexible carbon fiber is designed to make every piece of equipment in their new 2014 line lighter and more durable, it’s especially prevalent in the V6 2200 pad.

The Velocity V6 2200 replaces the V5 7990 pad, with a combination of a flat-faced design and flexible breaks at the boot and the knee.

Vaughn V6 2200 1 pad flat (1 of 1)

Unlike its predecessor, however, the V6 2200 pad does it with a new Pro Core, an inner foam that runs top to bottom, eliminating clean breaks and preventing any settling as it breaks in.

V6 2200 Carbon Fiber and Foam CoreIn fact, with the addition of Vaughn’s proprietary new layer of carbon fiber running through that solid core, the V6 2200 literally bounces back to form after it has been flexed.

The true beauty of the pad is that it does both with ease: flexing easily with the skate and lower leg at the boot break, and wrapping around the five-hole at the knee – all without having to sacrifice any of the pad’s height or shape over time.

“It’s like a recoil spring on the inside,” said company president Mike Vaughn. “It allows it to flex and the carbon fiber allows it to return to its original position. The pad holds its shape better, holds its form better. It will keep that crispness of being newer for longer. In other words you are preserving the performance over a longer period.”

That is true along both directions of the pad, with the carbon fiber supporting the foams around it to maintain strong edges longer.

In addition to holding its shape from top to bottom, the use of the new Carbon Fiber Performance technology also improves the durability across the face, or width of the pad.

That means the edges on both sides of the pad remain strong over time, keeping it firmer and easier to slide on the bottom edge. And the top, which includes the use of carbon fiber in the outer rolls, also stays firm, ensuring pucks that catch just a piece of the pad late in a season stay out of the net.

A new core also ensures the “over square” thigh rise, which comes standard with a “plus-2” sizing at the top, stays consistent over time, maintaining a solid five-hole seal that won’t break down.

Vaughn V6 2200 top pads closed blfy (1 of 1)-2

As for the rest of the features, unlike the softer Velocity V6 2000 pad, which maintains the use of foam stuffing behind the core to remain rebound neutral, the V6 2200 pad is not stuffed and uses firmer foams, making it more of what Vaughn calls a “rebound positive” pad to give butterfly goalies more time to recover on second chances. But the V6 2200 is not quite as firm as the Ventus LT90 line, instead providing a perfect middle ground between it and the V6 2000.

Vaughn V6 2200 pad knee strap options (1 of 1)Among the other notable features, Vaughn has attached the inside of the double-elastic strap that wraps at an angle around the knee to the inside of the knee cradle.

And the outer edge attachments for buckles around the knee are modelled after the Ventus pad, with multiple places to secure leather straps and an easy way to alter where they are anchored, allowing goalies to precisely adjust how they want the thigh rise to wrap around in front of their knees and seal the five hole.

Skate and pad rotation is also enhanced with a slightly more open leg channel, a less contoured inner boot area, and a sliding toe bridge:

Vaughn V6 2200 pad boot area (1 of 1)


Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Trapper

Much like the Velocity V6 2000 glove that debuted with InGoal last week, the benefits of Carbon Enhanced Performance in the V6 2200 trapper include better durability and protection, with less weight.

Vaughn V6 2200 extended glove over pad (1 of 1)

Vaughn’s proprietary blend of carbon fiber is 40 per cent lighter than plastic molded parts in previous models, and by using it along the edges and perimeter at the tips of the finger, they have moved more of the balance point of the glove back towards the thumb, making the glove feel even lighter. The carbon fiber also strengthens the outer edge, reducing finger curl while also ensuring any pucks a goalie just gets a piece of don’t bend the edge of the glove back.

The back of the thumb and palm also use carbon fiber components between stitch lines, which allows it to hold its shape better and for longer, providing an improved grip and consistent closure.

Vaughn V6 2200 glove up open (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove up closed (1 of 1)

As for the other features of the new Velocity V6 2200 trapper, the most obvious difference from the V6 2000 is a large one-piece cuff that extends through the thumb and into the start of a deep, puck-trapping pocket. The thumb angle on the 2200 is based on the Ventus LT90 glove, which is an extension of the very popular Epic 5500 models, funnelling pucks into the new double-tee web pocket while also maintaining a very natural feeling hand position.

With a wider pocket profile, the V6 2200 looks big and closes easily, while additional use of carbon fiber segments increases protection in the palm by providing secondary, more effective shock dispersal.

Vaughn V6 2200 glove butterfly block open (1 of 1)

On the inside, the biggest eyebrow raiser is the use of a metal buckle and leather strap over the back of the wrist, something Mike Vaughn explained was used to give goalies more leverage because the larger one-piece cuff has less flex than the more traditional two-piece.

Vaughn V6 2200 glove back inside wrist (1 of 1)

Despite adding the leather and metal, the glove is still lighter.

“It is a feature some goalies like so we have it on this model,” Vaughn said. “Using carbon fiber also reduced the weight enough so that the extra weight of the leather strap and metal buckle is not noticeable and still lighter than a glove using just standard plastic, and this year we are using a new strap leather that is physically lighter and about 20 per cent stronger with better wear characteristics. And it is hydrophobic, meaning it picks up less water. It was a bit of a process to obtain as it is a specially manufactured for us in Europe.”

The internals on the heat-moldable glove have some familiar – and comfortable components for Vaughn users, including divided fingerstalls and a thumb channel with three leather ties to provide more adjustability and control, as well as some new features.

Vaughn V6 2200 glove back inside (1 of 1)There is a grip rail at the end of the fingertips on the inside providing additional control and closing power for the fingers, a textured grip material was used on the internal palm base, and a new four-piece backing on the hand that is more flexible, which also makes it easier to close the pocket on the other side.

The backing also continues to use Vaughn’s “deflecting ramp” on the outside of the fingertips, adding both protection and stability, and the cuff is flared, making it easier to cock the wrist and square the glove to shooters.

Vaughn V6 2200 glove back pocket (1 of 1)

Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 Blocker

If there are similarities and carryovers in other parts of the new line, the Velocity V6 2200 blocker is a completely new design, with a focus on less weight without sacrificing protection, durability or coverage.

Vaughn V6 2200 Blocker Side Stick (1 of 1)

Like the pads and gloves, the use of carbon fiber improves durability of the foams in the blocker with its ballistic properties, absorbing the impacts and holding its shape longer than plastic components while at the same time reducing the weight.

Vaughn V6 2200 blocker out (1 of 1)Unlike the V6 2000 blocker, the V6 2200 has a binding on the outer edge, which is as much about giving them a distinct look and goalies appearance options.

Unlike the V6 2000 blocker, which has a neutral hand position, the V6 2200 blocker has a higher hand placement, with the palm anchored three-quarters of an inch higher, allowing the bottom of the board to extend further down and away from the goalie as they reach out. It is the highest hand position ever for Vaughn, and the most they could move it up without compromising the blocker’s balance and control.

The blocking board itself is also new, and features a contoured shape that tapers in thickness for even weight distribution and balance.

Unlike the V6 2000 and Ventus blockers, there is no stitching across the face of the board, something Vaughn did to ensure all the layers stay perfectly intact at puck impact, reducing any shifting that can cause inconsistencies in control. Instead, the V6 2200 blocker layers are anchored using adhesives, allowing goalies to choose a cleaner look without sacrificing the precision puck steering they crave. And the front blocking board insert features a carbon fiber layer that not only adds protection and impact dispersion, but also durability.

The thumb also features a carbon fiber-molded shield to reduce weight and increase protection, dual layers of HD foam protect the outside of the index finger, and the vented Clarino Nash palm is attached in a new way designed for increased comfort and feel against the board.

Vaughn V6 2200 blocker (1 of 1)-2The palm contains padding to prevent stick vibration, and the cuff is a two-piece design that, combined with the top of the board curving away from the forearm, provides a complete range of motion at the wrist to aid in stick handling and shooting.

Add it all up and the new Vaughn Velocity V6 2200 provides a nice blend of new technology benefits from the patent-pending use of the Carbon Enhanced Performance layers with the feel long-time Vaughn goalies have come to expect from the lines that preceded it. It also provides a variety of alternatives to the V6 2000 line that debuted last week at InGoal, and the Ventus LT90 line of last season. And with the new graphics, it is now easier than ever to pick and choose the features each goalie wants from each piece in the line, allowing them to mix and match their performance preferences among the lines while maintaining a consistent, stylish look from top to bottom.

Enjoy the additional photos of the Velocity V6 2200 below, and look for a preview of the new chest-and-arm protectors that accompany both the 2200 and 2000 lines next week. With even more incredible weight savings and the ballistic properties of the carbon fiber layer, these chest-and-arm units will be well worth the wait.

Vaughn V6 2200 front pads closed blfy (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 gut trap angle (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 top pads closed blfy (1 of 1)

More Pad Photos:

Vaughn V6 2200 extended pad label (1 of 1)


Vaughn V6 2200 label (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad and skate (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad back blocker (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad boot break (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad inside channel toe tie (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad label 2 (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad label boot (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad side bird eye (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad skate sliding toe bridge (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad stand alone bird eye (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 pad upright inside edge (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 Pro Core logo and pad (1 of 1)

Comparing the profile of 2000 and 2200 pads:

Vaughn V6 2200 2000 pads side (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 2000 pads upright (1 of 1)

More Glove and Blocker images

Vaughn V6 2200 blocker (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 Blocker Face Stick (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 blocker fingers (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 Blocker Side Stick (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 Blocker Stick Angle (1 of 1)


Vaughn V6 2200 extended pad glove (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove and blocker (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove back closed (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove blocker on ice (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove on ice (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove right side closed (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove side closed (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 glove up wide open (1 of 1)

Vaughn V6 2200 gut trap (1 of 1)





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