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Jocks and Jills

Jocks and Jills

Welcome back readers!! It’s been a bit too long for my liking getting this story together, so lets get to it!

Moving along with the “GF Series” (Gear Familiarization) brings us to the next piece of gear.

In case you forgot, here is the lineup I will be working through;

  1. Mask (Click for article)
  2. Throat guard or dangler(Click for article)
  3. Chest and Arm protector (Click for article)
  4. Jock (a goalie specific jock)
  5. Pants
  6. Knee pads
  7. Leg Pads
  8. Blocker
  9. Catching Glove
  10. Skates
  11. Stick
  12. Jersey(s)
  13. Undergarments
  14. Bag to keep it all in

There isn’t a whole lot to say about this subject other than, make sure you are protected properly. Proper fit and protection are of the utmost importance in this area, and that should be enough said!


Goaltenders want to make sure they have  a goalie specific jock. What is that exactly? Lets take a look and find out.

Most of the newer goalie jocks will be a double cup design. They have a smaller harder under cup, and then a larger padded cup that goes over the top of that one. They are built in to the same adjustable unit that can be worn as one piece. One thing you will notice is that the goalie jocks are usually pretty large and have a ton of padding on them. For obvious reasons that a great thing, but I am going to suggest that you add even more padding…..more on that a little bit later in the article.

Vaughn V3 Goal Jock

Vaughn V3 Goal Jock

When you are choosing a jock, try them on over your clothes, and see which one fits you the best. There are a few different makers of goal jocks, but they are all relatively the same.

All goal jocks have an adjustable waist band (usually velcro) and legs straps that are adjustable as well. Make sure you have a good snug fit, and there is little to no movement of the jock or jill.

This is one item I would suggest you NOT buy used!

Adding another cup

Whats that? Add another cup? Absolutely.

I read an inGoalmag article with professional goaltender Mike McKenna a while back (Click here to read article) and I immediately adopted this approach, he pays the bills by stopping pucks so I jumped on the 3 cup bandwagon, and have never felt more confident in the net. All you need is a player cup, or regular athletic supporter that you wear underneath your goal cup, and you are set.

Here is what Mike had to say on the subject:

Mike replied, “Almost every pro goalie uses a regular cup or jock underneath a goalie cup. It’s not worth taking the chance with how hard these guys shoot.”

Personally I used the Shock Doctor Loose Short Jock, they hold your cup in place, and gives you a spot to hook your socks to.

SD Loose Jock

Shock Doctor Loose fit shorts with cup


Jills are relatively the same thing that a jock is to a male goaltender, except for…you guessed it, the ladies.

They are slightly different in that they offer more padding in the pelvic area. Other than that, fit, design and materials are all relatively the same. Adjusting the jill is also the same as adjusting a goal jock.

Goalie Jill

Bauer Goalie Jill


Again with Jills your best bet is to try them on and chose which one fits you the best.

Parting Thoughts

As with any piece of gear proper fit is what you should be the most concerned with. A jock or a jill needs to remain snugly in place so it does not slide out of the way and fail to cover those all important areas! It should not however be so tight that it causes discomfort. Once you try one on you will be able to tell right away if it is fitting properly or not.

Thanks again to all you inGoal readers, as always stay safe in net and I will see you next time with an in depth look at goalie pants.


About The Author

Kris VanWagner

Kris is a current rec league tender, who used to try and survive in the college and semi pro ranks. He also is a goaltending coach working with all levels of goaltenders. He also dabbles with gear repair, and modification. He spends his spare time writing for inGoal, and thinking non stop about hockey.

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  1. Kayley

    You siad that jills “are slightly different in that they offer more padding in the pelvic area. Other than that, fit, design and materials are all relatively the same. Adjusting the jill is also the same as adjusting a goal jock.” So does that mean a girl can buy a jock? I am having a hard time finding a jill that fits right as most places just carry senior jills and those are too big that they are digging in to my thighs and hips. It doesnt help that i am tiny either…