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Launch and Bonus Entry to Win Brian’s SubZero 2

Launch and Bonus Entry to Win Brian’s SubZero 2

Brian's SubZero ro2 Contest Twitter Bonus

Today is the big day, as Brian’s officially launches its new SubZero Pro 2 line.

To celebrate, InGoal Magazine is teaming up with our SubZero Pro 2 contest partners, Total Goalie and Brian’s Custom Sports, to add another bonus entry for your chance to WIN a set of the exciting new pads and gloves of your own. If you haven’t already entered the contest, you need to do that first by clicking here – and don’t forget to claim your first bonus when you do!

Once that’s taken care of, all you have to do to secure a bonus entry is:

1. Follow all three contest sponsors on Twitter:

2. and then, use the button below to tweet:

Brian’s SubZeroPro2 launched! Bonus entry to win! Follow @ingoalmedia @totalgoalie @goaliesonly & RT #WinSubZero2

That’s it, simple as that. You have now increased your odds of winning a sweet custom set of Brian’s new SubZero Pro 2 pads and gloves.

InGoal readers should already be familiar with many of the new lines new features from past previews, including a sneak peak from our visit to Brian’s international sales meetings outside Toronto, which included time on the ice with Detroit Red Wings goalie coach Jim Bedard and Boston Bruins prospect Malcolm Subban, all part of a preview of the company’s exciting plans for its 30th anniversary season. InGoal also provided the first in-depth previews of the SubZero Pro 2 pad features, as well as the catcher and blocker specs, and the exciting and bold new colour options on the customizer, and we are in the process of on-ice testing for a full review.

But first, our contest partners at Total Goalie, who were also on the ice and in the gear with Bedard, Subban and the international Brian’s reps in Ontario, have taken it another step further with a complete video review of the series, including highlights not previously discussed at InGoal.

Be sure to check out all three videos below – but only after you’ve already entered to win a set of your own, and completed the Twitter bonus entry above.

We’ll start with the pads:

And then the gloves, which may be the biggest – and best – improvement from the original SubZero line:

And finally, the blocker:

Enjoy the videos, and don’t forget to keep checking for one last bonus entry – and a special bonus prize – next week.

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  1. Aidan Comins

    These are great looking pads! I’m in the range for new pads too.

  2. Gus K

    These are some flossy looking pillows, Brians does some jam up work!

  3. Kat C

    I need to win these – and they’d make a wonderful birthday present since my birthday is this week 🙂

  4. Kwame

    Like Brians is the ultimate brand for pads there technology in equipment always improve. Like if I got to win these this would help me out so much because I’ve always wanted to use brians but couldnt ever afford them.

  5. rhys johnson


  6. Bill Molnar

    I’ve owned RBK, Vaughn, Bauer and currently Sherwood T100. These may be next! Nice work guys!

  7. Robert Brunet

    I had Brian’s as a Kid ,Then used the beast series. It would be full circle if I had these. Make sense. It’s like destiny

  8. Martin

    This could be the best gift I can get for my birthday in few days. My goalie equipment is terrible because I can feel every shots on my leg, chest, glove and blocker. I need that equipment!

  9. sharon

    These would be ideal for my son whose in the u14’s he would be so chuffed to win these x

  10. Jason

    The pro team I am setting to goals to get there are black and green 🙂 would be a perfect match

  11. Christopher Reif

    I can’t believe the “BEST & LIGHTEST” pads on the market just got better. I’ve always wanted some pads from Brian’s, but never had the money. I really hope I win these!!! That would be a goalie’s “Dream Come True”.