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Marc-Andre Fleury’s New Blue and white “retro” P4s

Marc-Andre Fleury’s New Blue and white “retro” P4s

InGoal was on hand at Reebok’s VIP private launch of the P4 in Las Vegas where Reebok reps noted that a number of goalies are going with the coloured outer roll this season as a “retro-look.”

A great example is seen below after a pens practice as Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury was breaking in his new Reebok P4 pads that he’ll use with the Pens third jersey recently. For a close-up of the new mask by Stephane Bergeron check out this previous InGoal post.

Hat tip to @PensPRLady for the gear.

Look for more from Vegas soon here at InGoal…


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  1. Nathaniel Melvin

    When will these be worn? For alternate jersey nights?

  2. Joe from Chicago

    Read the post.

  3. chuck


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