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Mobile and Massive: New CCM Premier Chest Protector

Mobile and Massive: New CCM Premier Chest Protector

CA teaser (1 of 1)It’s fitting this is the first CCM chest protector to bear the “Premier” brand long associated with Reebok because it is also the biggest departure from the original P1 arm-and-body unit that remains popular and prevalent even in NHL dressing rooms today.

The new CCM Premier Pro is completely redesigned, with more adjustability, better coverage, improved protection, and their new proprietary impact-absorbing D3O foam in the sternum. They even changed the shape of the segmented blocks on the chest and around the belly, using ergonomic design principles to reduce break-in time and increase range of motion. But for all the changes, the first thing that goalies are going to notice is how big they look in it.

That includes Carey Price, who has been wearing the new Premier Pro Chest Protector during this record-setting (and almost certainly award-winning) season with the Montreal Canadiens.

Jonathan Bernier certainly took notice.

When Bernier got to put on the new CCM Premier Pro for the first time last fall, he felt it was too close to the season to adjust to something different from his usual chest protector. But after watching Price in the new unit, he plans to make the swap this summer.

“One thing playing against Carey a couple months ago, you can see his shoulder are really wide,” Bernier told Ingoal Magazine late in the season. “He looks really big and the arms are really mobile.”

The NHL has heard from other teams about the size of Price, and Bernier’s comments matched the feedback from InGoal testers. But there is a lot more to the new CCM Premier Pro Chest Protector than size and protection.

Click here or the image below to read the full review in the April 2015 InGoal Magazine Special Equipment Edition

CCM Premiere Arm and Body



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  1. Adam imperato

    My 11 year old love CCM equipment

  2. Dave Simmons

    Would be awesome to feel mobile and protected!!!

    • Gord

      I have been wearing John brown 2100 c/a for 9 years now playing against ex ahl and ohl guys and have yet to get hurt or any stingers will not wear anything but jb.

  3. Lisa St-Onge

    Tyler the goaler, just moved up into the BIG league, although only 13 he is required adult equipment now and that always means more $

  4. Lisa St-Onge

    Obviously this 13 year old is a big Fan of CCM!!