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New Reebok Pro Goalie Kneepads Also Help Joints

New Reebok Pro Goalie Kneepads Also Help Joints
Reebok kneepads on leg in pads butterfly (1 of 1)

The large landing area on the new Reebok XLT pads (and both the CCM lines) is perfect for Reebok’s Pro Knee Protection, but these new kneepads do more than protect from puck impact – they can also help ease the tension on the knee and even hip joint.

In addition to better balance, one of the benefits of the bigger landing area and more open knee cradle in both the Reebok and CCM pads is extra room for kneepads. This was always important for goalies with a narrow butterfly, and has become more important in the NHL, where new rules mean shorter pads and more exposed knee.

Protection from pucks, however, is just one reason goalies with every variety of butterfly widths should consider using kneepads.

Perhaps more important is protecting your knees – and your hips and ankles – from the damage done by repeatedly dropping down into the butterfly. Yes, kneepads can help in this regard as well.

Because the NHL mandated a maximum knee stack thickness of 2.5 inches, every pad is made to the same specifications. But as studies have proven – and Reebok is working on an impressive new one right now – the higher the knee is off the ice in relation to the ankle and skate, the less pressure there will be on the ankle, knee and hip. It’s also true that increasing this height will widen out a butterfly.

So if the thickness on the pad is fixed, how do we raise the knee?

Enter the new Reebok Pro Goalie Knee Protector designed by Patrick Lefevre using the company’s proprietary JDP technology.

The extra grey cushioning on the inside eases impact on the knee, and a hinge keeps everything in place.

The extra grey cushioning on the inside eases impact on the knee, and a hinge keeps everything in place.

The JDP stands for Joint Discharge Principle, a hard-cap technology inherited when Reebok acquired Jofa. It was designed to transfer the energy from impact into the bigger muscles that surround the joint rather than into the more fragile joint itself. It’s been popular in NHL player elbow and shoulder pads for years and now Reebok has brought it into kneepads for goaltenders.

Add in a soft grey mesh-like material that surrounds your knee, and the extra height from the lower piece that wraps around the top of your shin, and testers felt these new Reebok kneepads really did relieve stress on the joint. Perhaps best of all for any goaltender that has had to borrow sock tape to wrap up a set of kneepads, they stayed in place as well as any set the InGoal crew has every tested.

It’s a result of two things: the first is a lower section that is easy to secure in place around the top of the calf.

More important, though, is the hinge that connects that lower section to the top on the inside of the knee (the outside is connected with a short, flexible elastic) to ensure it doesn’t move around or slide down your leg during the course of a skate.

The top section is split, with the lower elastic wrap around a wider portion directly over the knee to provide maximum coverage and protection, and another elastic wrapping around a narrower upper section to reduce any potential conflicts inside the pants.

There are buckles at the top if you want to lace them into a garter belt or connect to the pants, but there’s no need to do so just in order to prevent the kneepads from slipping down – these knees stay put.

Best of all, they work exceptionally well within the large Reebok and CCM knee cradles that were designed for extra knee guards.

Given all that, it’s surprising to learn most goalies still aren’t wearing kneepads. If knowing how many different ways they can help isn’t enough to reverse that trend, the new Reebok kneepad should.

You can read more about the new Reebok Pro Knee Protection and the new Reebok XLT line in the current edition of InGoal Magazine by clicking here, or on the image below:

Reebok Kneepads

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  1. Ben

    I bought a pair of these and at first really liked them, however the hinge mentioned in the article popped out of the knee pads after just a couple months of use. The guy at the store hinted that this was a regular problem, and I ended up getting a set of Brian’s that were designed very similarly except without a metal hinge point that could break.

    • Alex

      I have to agree with you. I bought a pair of these knee pads and the hinge piped out after A few months and I got them replaced but now the same problemb is occurring.

    • Kevin Woodley

      hmmm … we’re 60 games in total with 2 different test sets and no problems, and a lot of the testing been at a pretty high level of hockey … know 3 NHL teams that have ordered a set as well, so we’ll definitely check in with them. Wonder what pads you were wearing and if the landing gear room was an issue? Most of our testing has been done in CCM and Reebok, with a wide landing area, and also the new Brian’s GNET-ik Pro 2, which is their first pad with the landing gear leveler, which creates more space for bigger knee pads too. Let us knwo

      • Angelo Bifolchi

        I purchased these off ebay from another goalie and they were in brand new condition. However after a month of one game a week usage the fabric and material around the hinge has ripped apart and is now barely hanging on. The left knee hing I am pretty sure will rip right apart in my next game. I love the feel and the level of protection of these knee pads, but very disappointing that I have to get them repaired. Pads I use are the Brians Gnetik 5.0 pads.

  2. Angelo Bifolchi

    Just a follow up, took the knee pads to the Hockeyshop in Surrey BC and the guys fixed them right up with a higher grade rivet that is often used on skates. Knee pads work like a dream and don’t expect them to fail again. So prompts to the Hockeyshop for fixing them for me. As for reebok if they can just upgrade the rivet with a leather surround then I believe these damages can be avoided. Outside of those issues I still love these knee pads.


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