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Pad Wrap Lets Goalies Customize Existing Gear

Pad Wrap Lets Goalies Customize Existing Gear

logo_blackonwhiteThis post is sponsored by Philly Sports Customs, makers of Pad Wrap

Goalies love style and colour – but until now you have always been stuck with the original colour of your pads and gloves. Philly Sports Customs is changing the game for goalies by introducing “Pad Wrap” – a durable adhesive backed synthetic leather that makes your pads look like new in just a few minutes. For as little as $24.99 you could be sporting custom coloured gear for your next game. And as a loyal InGoal reader we have a special offer just for you.

PAd Wrap Custom Goalie Pad Color changePad wrap is a thinner form of the synthetic leather material used to make goalie equipment. It comes with a state-of-the-art adhesive backing to allow you to cut and stick the material anywhere you need to change the colour of your equipment. It is fully removable but won’t come off before you want it to! For example, most of our customers are using their equipment with pad wrap on it multiple times per week with no need to reapply even in highly abrasive areas that take a beating.

The possibilities are endless. Playing for a new team and need to change your pad colour scheme? No problem. Want to add some pink to your setup for cancer awareness month? We have you covered. Want to bring in some retro tan for that vintage look? It’s easy with Pad Wrap. Simply trace the desired sections of your pad with the included tracing paper, cut out your shapes and peel and stick. It really is that easy! Goalies all over the world, from professionals to beer leaguers have been changing the colour of their pads and gloves with Pad Wrap. Pad Wrap also works great for repairs. Got a skate cut in your pad that you want to protect? Apply a piece of pad wrap over the area and you are covered.

4Special Offer for InGoal Readers Only

And as part of our newly launched NYLON PAD WRAP product, we are offering all InGoal readers 10% off any purchase of Leather/Jenpro or Nylon Pad Wrap. Nylon Wrap allows you to cover the nylon/fabric sections of your equipment whether it be the outside gussets of your pads or the top of your catcher, Nylon Pad Wrap comes in tons of great colours to match any scheme. Include the code “INGOAL” in the comments of your purchase and 10% will be refunded to you at the time of shipment.

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  1. Ryan Kaszuba

    This looks a lot like the Canadian Company Chameleon Sports and their product PadSkinz.. even that one picture looks the same…

  2. Ian Wotherspoon

    It was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s an excellent idea especially for those goalies who play on competitive teams and like their Pads, Blocker & Trapper to accent the team colours. I guess it depends on the cost but it is very snazy for sure.

  3. Patrick Roy


    You are right, the Chameleon Sports Facebook page states – Philly Sports Customs is one of our latest dealers carrying the PadSkinz product.

  4. Andy Moog

    Actually, I read that Philly Sports Customs product is totally different. He USED to be a wholesaler but then started his own product to knock off Chameleon. I think they must have removed that thing about Philly cause I don’t see anything about them on the Chameleon FB page.