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PadSkinz: Whether changing colour or making repairs – treat your gear to the same material used by the pros

PadSkinz: Whether changing colour or making repairs – treat your gear to the same material used by the pros

image001This Post is sponsored by Chameleon Sports, makers of PadSkinz 

Want to change the colours of your goal pads or gloves? Have a repair to make? We are a proud Canadian company that is the ORIGINATOR of this amazing type of product. We have done 3+ years of R&D and testing with our product and only use premium products in the construction of PadSkinz. This unique PadSkinz product is revolutionizing the goal equipment industry, as seen by its use in the NHL and the upcoming Sochi Olympics. The following teams use PadSkinz:

The Nashville Predators recently used PadSkinz to cover the Oliers Orange on Devan Dubnyk's pads after they acquired him from Edmonton

The Nashville Predators recently used PadSkinz to cover the Oliers Orange on Devan Dubnyk’s pads after they acquired him from Edmonton

Nashville Predators -used for colour changes to Devan Dubnyk’s pads and gloves and for repairs

St. Louis Blues – used for repairs to Brian Elliott’s goal pads and Barrett Jackman’s player gloves

2014 Sochi Team USA Men’s Hockey Team – used for colour changes to Ryan Miller’s pads and gloves for the 2014 Sochi Olympics

Mississauga Steelheads (OHL) – used for colour changes to goalie pads and gloves

Sudbury Wolves (OHL) – used for colour changes to goal pads and gloves

Montreal Canadiens, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Buffalo Sabres, Los Angeles Kings, Peterborough Petes (OHL), Brampton Beast (CHL) and the 2014 Sochi TEAM CANADA men’s hockey team have ordered and will use or currently use PadSkinz in some capacity

Bayreuth Tigers of Euro League “Oberliga” – used for colour changes to goalie pads and gloves

Several other NHL, minor pro and European teams are currently evaluating or about to order PadSkinz. The list of teams are changing and growing weekly!

“We used the product on Dubynks pads.  Looks great and works great.” – equipment manager Nashville Predators

“The product looks great, and I have used a couple of times on gloves and goal pads, and it has worked quite well.” – assistant equipment manager St. Louis Blues

“I have used the product and so far it has worked very well.” – equipment manager for the Buffalo Sabres

PadSkinz are sheets of very thin leather-like material with a special adhesive backing that looks practically identical to jenpro (goal pad / glove material), to be used on your leg pads, blocker or glove to change the colour of accents, stripes or areas of your goal equipment where you want the colour changed. PadSkinz are extremely light, thin and flexible. The last thing you want is a product that is going to add weight to your equipment and slow you down by a half second or more. As we all know, a half a second can make a huge difference when it comes to saving the puck. PadSkinz are easily the lightest, most flexible and easy to work with product on the market.

A small change like Devan Dubnyk's can make all the difference - or you can completely change the colour of your gear like this customer

A small change like Devan Dubnyk’s can make all the difference – or you can completely change the colour of your gear like this customer

PadSkinz come in many colours. We carry almost every NHL colour available, and more. We have 20 different colours to choose from and 12 more on the way at the end of February 2014. PadSkinz are customizable too. You’re not limited to stripes or accents. Have an idea for a design? Create it with PadSkinz. Order different colours and create your own unique design. PadSkinz even work on player gloves!

Repair to Brian Elliott's pads using PadSkinz

Repair to Brian Elliott’s pads using PadSkinz

PadSkinz are great for repairs too. Have a hole on the inside of your boot from so many butterfly slides? Got a skate cut on your blocker or glove? Fix them with PadSkinz. Simply cut and place PadSkinz over the cut or hole and no one will be able to tell. The PadSkinz adhesive is 100% safe for your goal pads and will not cause any damage at all. It’s extremely flexible so it bends and moves with your pad so it won’t rip or curl. We know PadSkinz work as they should, after 3+ years of testing. PadSkinz are also completely removable, although it will take some time and effort to do so. Instructions and tips are included in every purchase and posted on our website,

To apply PadSkinz, simply trace the stripe, accent or desired area with the included tracing paper. Once the trace is complete, cut it out to make a template. From there, put the template on the PadSkinz material, cut it out with scissors, peel the backing off and stick it to your equipment of your choice like a sticker!

Whether you want to update colours or do repairs, PadSkinz are the most tried and trusted product on the market. We also have 2 new but similar products currently in the final stages of testing and expect to launch both by the end of February / Early March 2014. Chameleon Sports will continue to produce only the highest quality products, using the highest quality materials, good enough to meet the highest industry standards of the NHL and Olympics. We believe ample testing at the highest levels is critical before releasing our products to the public for sale.

Visit us today at For inquiries, please email [email protected]. For wholesale opportunities, please contact Nash Sports at (877) 657-9404.


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  1. Ryan

    I think this is a great idea I love to customize my equipment and i’m looking forward to trying this product my self.

  2. Kyle Dermott

    I used pad skins and did alot of repairs done to them. Its great for repairs. Love your gear.

  3. aviel

    how much is it to change colour

  4. Dylan

    The second picture (The Vaughns) is actually using pad wrap not pad skinz

  5. Matt

    How well does this work on trappers? Is there specs for that.