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Reebok No More: Introducing CCM Premier by Lefevre

Reebok No More: Introducing CCM Premier by Lefevre

When Roberto Luongo, Marc-Andre Fleury and Cam Talbot got together in Montreal for the annual CCM Goalie Summit on Tuesday, it was to do more than try on their new gear for next season. The trio of top NHL tenders unveiled the new CCM Premier lines of pads and gloves:

Unfortunately, unlike past years, InGoal Magazine wasn’t able to accept the invitation to Montreal this summer due to conflicting schedules with pro camps. Thanks to social media, however, we didn’t miss much, with a steady stream of photos and video from the goalies as well as CCM Hockey and CCM Goalie Twitter accounts.

In addition to the re-branding of the Reebok Premier line to CCM, it was a chance to see Cam Talbot in Edmonton Oilers-colored gear for the first time, complete with matching new CCM mask and his new No. 33 jersey:

The day included video of Talbot at work with his new equipment, including a new stick:

There were also shots of Fleury’s latest take on “The Flower” mask, a reference to his nickname:

… as well as a tease of other possible new goaltending products bearing the CCM brand:

As for the pads and gloves, anyone panicking over the loss of the name Reebok can relax. It may say CCM on the front now, but the Premier line remains “by Lefevre” on the inside, meaning the same quality and consistency that NHL goalies like Luongo, Fleury and Talbot have come to count on set after set after set will remain.

The CCM Premier is still designed by the same Montreal-based father-son team of Michel and Patrick Lefevre who developed the original Reebok Premier pad and brought their solid core construction to the world of butterfly goaltending.

As Luongo noted during a Twitter question-and-answer session with fans on the CCM Hockey account, that core and the tradition of quality established by the Lefevres allowed him to simply strap new pads on and go:

So what else can goalies expect from the new CCM Premier? Well, for now we’re sworn to secrecy, but there was a hint from the Q-and-A with Luongo, not to mention plenty of hints amid all those images that appeared on CCM’s social media channels on Tuesday. We’ll leave you with a few videos from Twitter, but be sure to check out CCM’s Periscope and SnapChat feeds for more images, videos and interaction. Above all, don’t worry: It may say CCM instead of Reebok on the front now but the new line is still a Premier through and through.

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    Only 33% of the goalies shown have their blocker out front and activated.

    • Paul Campbell

      What’s odd is that I was literally thinking the same thing as I watched the videos. The passive blocking style is hard to train yourself out of altogether.

      • Alex

        That’s why they’re NHL goalies, they don’t have active blockers duh.

        • Matthew in anchorage

          In the last vid of fleury, he seemed like he was covering the front of the pad with his blocker in his ready stance/ double covering the leg area=uneffective blocker leaving open area. Maybe it’s the new stick that doesn’t quite fit right, or even nhl tenders can screw up.

          • Garret

            There’s no point in making a reactive save in these circumstances. The pucks being shot near the center, best thing to do is drop into a butterfly and keep everything tight while directing the puck to the corner. And flowers stance has been that way for years and it seems to have been working for him, gotta remember these are nhl goalies, if they didn’t know what they were doing they wouldn’t be there

  2. Cloud

    I tried the CCM ExtremeFlex pads on this year, and I wasn’t impressed. I compared them to multiple other pads in store, and they were a 3/10 compared to the Brian’s, and even my old P2’s. The chest and arms were WAY too bulky, and I kind of felt like Garth Snow. The gloves were okay, I guess.

    I’m not saying that this new line-up isn’t good, and I am not biased as I have used CCM/Reebok sticks, one Reebok chest and arm, Rbk/Reebok pads, etc. But, I’m not completely sold.

    • Austin Jack

      Ok for one. The eflex2 is a hybrid pad, and the Brians is a butterfly pad if you’re talking about the sub zero and if you’re talking G-netik then that’s a hybrid. And a p2 is a butterfly pad. You can’t compare that stuff. And the ccm premiers are a butterfly pad.

      • Matthew in anchorage

        They is da smexiest pads I seen

  3. Nik

    Luongo wearing cmm wow that’s a surprise

    • Amir

      CCM and Reebok are both owned by the same company. I think Adidas does. Anyways, they decided that having two companies in hockey was too difficult, i guess for branding reasons and maybe others. Take the CCM Ribcore, which used to be Reebok as well. The Reebok pads that Luongo used to use are also the premier line. The only reason that Luongo is in CCM gear is for that reason.

  4. Paul Ipolito

    Is the rumor (rumour) true the Kenesky brand is on new pads? If so, who is making the pads for them?

    • Allan McLean

      Yes they are designed by a that wirked for Vaughn and Eagle.

    • Dan

      It is very true. Got a chance to feel them out. Initial impressions are fantastic, but haven’t had a chance to try them out on the ice.

  5. Brett

    WOW.. CCM without knee rolls looks weird.

  6. Leo

    I noticed that they have the ccm toe bridge and not the Reebok toe bridge.

    • Leo

      never mind. its just fleurys pads

  7. max

    i would like if this pads give sgort rebound like past model of ccm or long rebound like las model of reebok ??

  8. james light

    It seemed like Fleury really had trouble with his stick. Also I love talbots gear. Especialy the neon orange