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Reebok Rolls Out Premier XLT Line at Goalie Summit

Reebok Rolls Out Premier XLT Line at Goalie Summit

Reebok XLT -16

Reebok has introduced a new name in goaltending: Premier XLT.

Reebok rolled out the new pads, blocker and gloves for a trio of Stanley Cup-winning goaltenders – Jean Sebastien Giguere, Marc Andre Fleury and Corey Crawford – at their Goalie Summit in Montreal this week, while new Maple Leafs goalie Jonathan Bernier debuted the new CCM Retro Flex Pro at the event.

In addition to the new graphic there are new features coming with Reebok’s new XLT line, including an important reason for the new name. InGoal has been sworn to secrecy on the specifics, but look for more information in future editions of the digital magazine.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos (all rights reserved) of Reebok’s new Premier XLT line – and Giguere, Fleury and Crawford all going to work in the new gear on the ice:

Reebok XLT debut-1

Reebok XLT -22

Reebok XLT -21

Reebok XLT -20


Reebok XLT -6

Reebok XLT -3


Reebok XLT -7

Reebok XLT -2

Reebok XLT -10


Reebok XLT debut-2

Reebok XLT debut-3

Reebok XLT debut-4

Reebok XLT debut-5

Reebok XLT debut-6

Reebok XLT debut-7

Reebok XLT debut-10

Reebok XLT debut-12

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Kevin Woodley

Kevin Woodley is a rec-league target and former contributing editor of the Goalie News magazine. He has written about the Vancouver Canucks and NHL for The Associated Press, USA Today, Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News for the last decade, and covered the 2010 Olympics for The AP.


  1. Justin

    Were these made in Lefebvre’s factory in QC or were they made in China? I’m not seeing a Canadian flag/tag on the pads…

    • David Hutchison

      In QC without a doubt.

      They really had to push hard to get this gear ready for the summit since the new regulations have not been out for long. Indeed, all the companies are working long hours to get the gear ready for the season.

  2. Rob

    I thought all pads had to have a break in the outer roll at least 1. Wasn’t that one of the new rules? To fix taller flat pads like Crawfords?

    • Jake

      I do not recall hearing that they had to have a break in their pads.

      • David Hutchison

        There was discussion about not permitting straight pads – but that is not part of the regulations for the upcoming season.

    • Nik

      They were proposing the mandatory break rule, but the competition committee shot it down

  3. garret b

    Blocker almost looks like the p2

  4. Harry

    When do these pads come out?

  5. Michael DiVenere

    When are we going to be able to buy them? Bet it’s not until before next season – 2014

  6. Tyrus

    The CNDA flag tag is usually on the inner part of the pad near the top so you would not see it here.

  7. Robert Carroon

    Where is Kay Whitmore’s signature on these–or will that only appear on purchased equipment?

  8. matt b

    these looks so small they should rename them the ‘Tommy Soderstrom line’..

  9. Johan Gustavsson

    What +Size are they ?

  10. Daniel

    I’m not impressed by any means. Standardize leg pad rounded knee rolls, at least one break in the outer roll, eliminatethe knee rise completely and the top of the pad has to bend, can’t be straight. Today’s goalie should work harder to make a save and not cheat because the equipment covers an area that has absolutely nothing to do with protection.

    • matt b

      i agree. Crawrford and Fleury do NOT look impressed and its obvious its b/c of the sizing, or lack there of. these are TINY. the only one who looks happy is Giguere and quite frankly thats b/c hes just happy hes still playing these days.. lol. they are WAY too tiny and i bet a goalie will get injured this year b/c of that. Kay Whitemore is on acid thinking these will protect the knees decently. why do they have someone from the 80’s as an advisor on pads? that makes NO sense.

  11. Jon Taylor

    Funny how Giguere’s pads don’t have his Giguere break in them…

  12. Braeden Royer

    When is the offcial release date of the xlt pad

    • Kevin Woodley

      Expect these in the spring of 2014, similar to CCM last year and the Reebok P4 before that

  13. Aidan


  14. Bailey Bachalo

    When will these babies be released to the public

  15. Rono

    Eliminate the knee raise completely ? I’m guessing Daniel never played goal or wouldn’t be making dopey comments like that….Ever get hit in the knee with a slap shot Dan ?

    • Malvolio

      Yeah, Dan. Ever get hit with even a decent snap shot just above your knee cap?
      I’ll be happy to assist your experiencing that any day or any time it’s convenient.
      Don’t forget to bring your pre-packed ice bags.