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TendyFest 17 Ultimate Demo Day Wrap Up and Prize Winners

TendyFest 17 Ultimate Demo Day Wrap Up and Prize Winners

TendyFest 17 was a big hit, with hundreds goaltenders showing up to test the latest gear from the top manufacturers on the ice, check out mask painting and skate profiling demonstrations, and talk about anything and everything to do with stopping pucks with range of experts from equipment reps to BHL legend Kane Van Gate, to NHL goalie Laurent Brossoit (and of course InGoal Magazine staff).

It was a great day for goaltenders of every age and skill level, and it only got better when the event organizers, The Hockey Shop goal department, announced a long list of prize winners:

  • Bauer Vapor 1X Set (Leg pad, trapper & blocker): Travis Gamble
  • Autographed Henrik Lundqvist Bauer stick: Jeremy Kelleway
  • Autographed Carey Price jersey from CCM: Bruce Law
  • Autographed Carey Price InGoal poster: Chris Combiadakis
  • The New CCM 2017 Pro mask: Chandrella Abbott
  • Vaughn 2300 goal mask: Joshua Viducic
  • Brian’s custom chest protector (G-NETik 2 or Sub Zero 3): Jaedin Mulvaney
  • Warrior 3-pack of Pro foam core sticks: Noah Turner
  • $400 towards custom mask paint by Excalibur Air Brushing: Laurel Creek
  • Sherwood BPM150 composite goal stick: Brian Keeffe
  • $400 towards a custom mask paint by Brad Dinwoodie Designs: Brooks Friess
  • Pad Skinz: Penny Sitema
  • Step Steel: Philip Chow
  • Pro-Sharp custom goal skate profile: Ben Ferguson

Bauer brought a large demo fleet of the new Vapor 1X line …

Everyone else who attended was already a winner thanks to a great organizing job by Hockey Shop staff and an impressive demo fleet from the top manufacturers. Bauer came with the biggest selection of their new Vapor 1X line, and it’s a good thing because InGoal’s feedback forms indicated it was the line most goalies wanted to test by nearly a two-to-one margin over the other new offerings.

In addition to wanting to try out the improved sliding and harder rebounds that come with the Vapor 1X OD1N pads, goalies that took the time to fill out an InGoal questionnaire after their ice times were also interested in testing out the easier sliding in the new, lighter, faster CCM Extreme Flex 3 pads, as well as the new Vaughn SLR Carbon line, which was second most popular pads overall among testers.

… which was good because goalies kept Bauer’s Marc Gignac busy answering questions and signing out test sets of the new line.

It was interesting to note most goalies cited new features for wanting to test CCM Extreme Flex 3 and Bauer Vapor 1X and more than two-thirds came from other brands, but all but one Vaughn tester that responded was already in Vaughn and wanted to try the latest, which speaks to brand loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty, Youtube star and BHL legend Kane Van Gate again attracted autograph seekers, even garnering more attention than the Roberto Luongo-worn and -signed pads at the InGoal booth behind him in the photo on the left. (Kane made up for stealing the InGoal thunder by later presenting us with a “Franchise Goalie” t-shirt.)

Edmonton Oilers goaltender Laurent Brossoit also attracted a crowd when he stopped by the Vaughn booth, which also featured current Calgary Hitman goalie and recent Vaughn convert Cody Porter helping out and chatting up potential customers before hitting the ice with KVG. And the demonstrations at the trade show, including some live mask painting (below), also drew a crowd.

Check out some more photos, courtesy of The Hockey Shop and Panther Media photographer Randy Friesen, below and be sure to stay tuned next spring for news about TendyFest 3!

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