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Total Goalie Brings Christian Brand Back to Goaltending

Total Goalie Brings Christian Brand Back to Goaltending

Christian 880 Foam Core StickTotal Goalie has teamed up with a Canadian goalie stick manufacturer to bring back an iconic name back to the goaltending world with the introduction of their new Christian 880 Foam Core Goal Stick.

Puck-stoppers of a certain vintage will have no problem remembering the original Christian sticks. This new version is a lot more modernized, though, which is all the next generation of goalies needs to know

Essentially the new Christian 880 Foam Core Goal Stick is just that, a pro-level wood handle, foam-core paddle stick for those who prefer the traditional feel to the newer carbon-fiber options.

Balancing the stick well reduces the impact of any extra weight from a one-piece Aspen wood shaft that uses Birch laminate layers and two carbon stripes to add durability to the medium stiffness. Those little extras designed for to increase the life of the stick continue into the paddle, which features carbon woven into the cloth around the urethane foam layer and extra re-enforcement on the shot side, and into the blade, which feature a carbon laminate wear bar to add strength on the shot side.

Perhaps best of all, at just $79, the new Christian 880 checks in around half the price of other foam core options.

Learn more about the Christian 880 on Total Goalie’s page, which includes all the specs, curve and sizing options for the new stick, and check out Total Goalie’s video introduction for a more in-depth overview:

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  1. Joe Drennan

    I may have to pick one of these up. I have used Christian sticks almost my entire playing career, only veering away a few times. They have been by far my favorite stick. Here is to hoping the new incarnation matches the previous satisfaction.

  2. Brian

    looks very similar to a Sher-Wood 9950

  3. Bruce

    I believe these are Sherwood 9950s or very close to it. After seeing them in person, they are a beefed up version of the new Sherwood SL800s which are great sticks but lack the durability. Picked one up for my son yesterday. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. Ron

    Here’s hoping they bring back the Curtis Curve!

  5. gord

    I have a curtis curve still the just need to make the shaft longer

  6. keith glaves

    are you ever going to come back with a curtis curve stick?

  7. Paul Ipolito

    I’m getting my son one just to honor the game. I’m getting all nostalgic just seeing the name again. Beauty, eh?

  8. buddha hat

    Boa Hockey sells a Curtis Curve goalie stick.

  9. Mike

    hoping the Curtis curve comes back Boa does not look like they are around anymore…

  10. Lynn

    I called the Chamber of Commerce in Roseau about he BOA hockey company and he said they are no longer in business which is a huge bummer as we were set to buy several 5 hole sticks for the upcoming season.