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Vaughn Contest

Vaughn Contest

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Ventus Lt98 pad face-side (1 of 1)

The new Vaughn Ventus LT98 pad includes a top-to-bottom carbon fiber layer on the face of the pad that produces more active rebounds, while keeping the weight down around five pounds. Read the full preview published by InGoal.

Contest Closed – thanks to all who entered. Our winners have been contacted and we will announce their names as soon as we hear back from them.

Vaughn has teamed up with InGoal to unveil the new Ventus line with this great contest and while we’re excited about this line we also know that different goalies have different needs in their game. So check out the new Ventus, but if your preference is something else in the Vaughn line, you can still win the best gear for you, perhaps you’d like to try the new V6 2300 with flat faced knee rolls.

First Prize: Vaughn pads – your choice of model. Whether its the new Ventus LT98 reviewed here, the V6 2200, or the V6 2000 line unveiled by InGoal last year, they all come with carbon enhanced performance and one of them could be yours.

Second Prize:  Chest & Arm – your choice. Perhaps you’d like the V6 Velocity with Kevlar, one of the lightest, most-mobile units we’ve ever tested with pro-level protection or the new Ventus LT98 you’ll see in our preview photos.

Third Prize: Catch Glove – again, your choice, for your game.

Contest Closed – thanks to all who entered. Our winners have been contacted and we will announce their names as soon as we hear back from them.

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  1. Tara Hodgin

    My son loves being goalie and his favorite brand to wear is Vaughn!!!

  2. Sophie Grant

    Would Love Some New Gear 🙂 Mine Is Getting Worn Out

  3. Isaac Leventon

    I tried on the old Ventus pads and liked them but can’t really afford a new set after just 3 years. Hoping for the best here!

    • My Info

      If i win ill sell the trapper or Chesty to u for cheap.

  4. Cyanna

    I would love a new set of pads !!!!!! ????????

  5. Tyson

    In dire need of new gear. Just replaced my chest gear with the Ventus line and love it. It would be nice to finish off the set.

  6. Kelly Severn

    My 05 goalie is growing like a weed. His next set will be “gulp” intermediates. We go through a set a season. It would ne nice to get him a new set for his birthday.

  7. karelle dicaire

    It would be a nice gift for my man if i win those and would match.his carbon.fiber helmet

  8. Karen Morrison

    Love Vaughn equipment. I am a goalie and play a lot of hockey, as goalies get asked to fill in a lot 🙂
    My gear needs replacement.

  9. noname

    Like the changes in the new leg pads

  10. Greg Spero

    With 4 kids all in sports, never have any money for daddy to get new gear, if i could win some that would be incredible.

  11. Erik Brazzale

    I would love to win a nice set of pads. I have budget minded Bauer pads. I would love to experience a professional set of pads.

  12. chris

    I have both an 04 and 99 goaltender, both love their Vaughn equipment, but could use an upgrade for the upcoming season

  13. Robert Ramon

    My son has been in warrior rituals since mite, second year squirt now. Maybe its time to try something new! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Sue McConnell

    At my age. Lighter is always better

  15. Mike

    Fingers crossed!!!! About the only way a goal playing hockey parent can afford new gear lol.

  16. jc

    Had bought my son the lt60 boot was to tall. Had to go back with reebok but really loves vaughn. Would love to try new model. 8 year old sens flag bearer in a couple of weeks.

    • tania

      Go Jeremy Go . You will look good standing beside the hamburgler.

  17. Jiri Travnicek

    I’ve stopped playing for a while but now I want to get back in a game. New gear would be great instead of my historical one 🙂

  18. Lori Karp

    Both my goalie children need new gear! I would love to win a set for one.

  19. Jerry Mucha

    Would be nice to get new gear instead of seconds hand from the kids

  20. Michael L

    New Vaughan gear would be great can’t afford the better Canadian made stuff…. so any help would be more than Accepted.

  21. Mike (GoalieDad)

    My boy would love these… he just upgraded to a Vaughn Blocker / Catcher and his Bauer’s don’t match anymore… 😉

  22. Adam

    I would love to have a pair of pads that finally fit me

  23. Carter Boone

    I need a new setup and those look so perfect ????

  24. Magnus Andersen

    Would be amazing if i won these new pads. I live in Norway so Vaughn is extremely hard to get my hands on. I had a rough time finding the ones i use now. They are also getting to small and to worn out.

    Would mean the world to me.

    Thank you.

  25. Sylvain Messier

    I have old velocity 2 equipment , need new everything . THX

  26. Kenneth Busche

    I’ve had the same pads for over 10 years. They are the old style and they are getting worn. I”d love to get a new set of pads.

  27. Donnie B

    I’m always first to take care of everyone so these awesome pads would be mine to show off while playing or coaching!!!

  28. Boski20

    All my existing stuff is Vaughn equipment and has been for years. Would love some new gear. When you play 5+ games a week, it sure takes a beating. Thank god it’s all great Canadian made stuff!

  29. Cole

    Originally wore Vaughn my entire Goalie life. Switched to CCM due to the Vaughn Gloves breaking down and the difference in pad sizing(CCM Larger overall pad size) Would love to switch back to the Vaughn product.

  30. dennis chaussi

    my ’03 goalie needs new stuff it seems every year..growing out of his stuff every year it seems..

  31. Jacob Robinson

    I love my vaughn lt90 set and I love how they fit and feel. Would really love to have a new set as mine are getting beat up.

  32. Michael Dyriw

    My pads are so old! haha Would love some new ones

  33. Rob

    Would love to try the new Ventus Product!

  34. Brad Belich

    New chest and arms would be awesome. Still using the V3 chest and arms. The center piece for the chest is wearing out pretty good but i can get by.

  35. Chris Greenwood

    In the market for new equipment (pads, glove & blocker). After 5 years of playing at least twice a week year round, it’s come time to replace the TPS stuff. I’d love to try out the Vaughn line!!!

  36. Bill

    I have used just about every style and maker of equipment but will never use anything but Vaughn now

  37. Johan Frandfors

    Best gear in the world! No doubt. My son Filip is playing for Djurgardens IF in Stockholm, Sweden. Filip is soon 14 years old, growing fast. It would be a great asset to his game, using the lightest and most flexible equipement ever made for goalies. Vaughn 4ever!

  38. john

    One of the other goalies in the league i play in just got some newer Vaughn gear…..i am so jealous. i would love to make him jealous as well…hint hint!

  39. Frank Blanchette

    I would love to win a new set
    of gear! My current pads are to big for me and they are making my play challenging! I fight with them every time I play. I am getting to the point where I don’t enjoy going to play anymore!

  40. Eric

    I’m a 41 goalie and playing some of the best hockey I’ve ever played. I currently use a Vaughn blocker/trapper and chest protector and its by far the best equiptment I’ve ever had. Would love to round out the set with the pads.

  41. Lawrence Welsh

    Wolud love to win a pair of awsome pads mine are really old lost my job and can’t afford new ones trying to play to make some money with rent a goalie

  42. Gary Green

    I certainly would love to win a pair of Vaughn pads. I have used Vaughn gloves (trapper and blocker) before and thought they were great.

  43. mike

    I have worn Vaughn equipment my entire career. Their product quality and performance out performs every competitor. I already use the Venus pads can’t wait to get my hands on the new model with the carbon fiber enhancements

  44. James Studebaker

    My 12 yr old son plays aa hockey and seems to grow out of or wear out equipment every year. He hasn’t had top shelf pads so to win some would really make him proud.

  45. Mike

    im just a broke college kid who needs new gear for the summer circuit lol

  46. Christopher Craig

    Currently using Brian’s pads, as they were onsale – miss my Vaughn’s – hoping I can get another pair ASAP.

  47. Nicholas Kaltala

    I am from Finland and I come next fall to United States play hockey and would be fantastic to use in your goalie gear!

  48. Ethan

    Can’t afford the new lines, but would love to match Jimmy Howard!

  49. Pierre

    My vaughns are very worn out. Im moving up to highschool and i have no money to buy them it would be a dream come true for any vaughn pad to be deliverd

  50. Trevor

    My past two sets of pads were Vaughns’ and my current body armour and gloves are toast. Help a beer league brother out

  51. Dana peeler

    i am a women goalie playing with college boys. Need new pads. No cash. Also need a new helmet after getting a concussion. My reeboks are 5 years old. I would donate my old pads to girls hockey if I win new ones.

  52. Luke

    Been through 8 pairs of pads, 9 gloves, 7 blockers and three c/a in the last 8 years. All of which are Vaughn:)

  53. Krimson

    Need new gear for hockey would love something new to play with,mine is getting to small to use.

  54. Reese

    I’d love to win a chesty, my current vaughn is getting so small on me

  55. Doug Garrard

    Carbon..Vaughn, the leader of innovation! Nice job

  56. Alexandre Simoneau

    I really need that gear since my injury last year i cannot play as a. Blueliner and ive started to loan goalie gear cause its too expensive to have mine,,,

    I’ll pray so hard,,,,

  57. Stephen

    Using old Reeboks but would love to give Vaughn a try. 🙂

  58. Sheleen

    As a kid growing up playing hockey, I always dreamed of having Vaughn goalie pads but could not afford them. Now as an adult and finally having them, I know why I always wanted them. Nothing compares.

  59. Jacob simas

    I would love to win a new set all I have right now is some old hand me downs so it would make my day to win something ; )

  60. Shaun Kelley

    Have never owned new gear always bought used. Thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  61. Ronnie

    Just really need new pads.

  62. corry hartmoyer

    Would love to give Vaughn a try again, it’s been 20 years since i wore a set of Vaughn custom gear.

  63. David

    My boy is a CCM homer. Would love for him to convert to Vaughn…this contest would do the trick!

  64. Henri

    I would love this. Truly and honestly it would be amazing honor to get these

  65. ,George Grzywacz

    I have been wearing Vaughn since I have been able to walk, but I think it is time for some new pads. Help me out Vaughn!

  66. Keegan T

    Lets see, knees on edge of knee landing? Check. Getting stingers in the arms? Check. Stingers in palm on shots that aren’t even going fast? You bet. I don’t think I’d mind winning any of the prizes, but how could anyone mind winning any of the prizes?

  67. Josh

    Would love a new set of pads. I play in 4 roller hockey leagues as of right now and would love to try play ice in the near future.

  68. Michael Gregg

    Hey ingoal magazine, mpay of my gear doesn’t fit and I am in shie need for goalie gear. Thanks

  69. Derrick

    Vaughn is the BEST GOALIE EQUIPEMENT MADE !!!!!

  70. Lawrence Welsh

    Would love to have the chance to win a pair of awsome pads

  71. Tom Hutchinson

    just the pads for first place not a complete set?

  72. Bettina Weiss

    My 6-years-old boy played his first season as a goalie with so much fun!
    Concerning his new equipment I realized that we did some bad choices (catch glove not thick and solid enough and some velcro closures of his pads hang already in tatters)… So we probably have to change some parts of his equipment for the next season…
    I think Vaughn would be a better choice!
    Greetings from Switzerland! 😉

  73. Samuel Roussel

    I would love the chance to win Vaughn Products.I only wear Vaughn products as a goaltender. Love the V6 and Ventus.

  74. Justin OConnell

    Would love a new set of Vaughn gear! It’d be pretty sweet to be sporting new pads to replace my old V3s.

  75. Matt

    My son got his 1000th save of the season in his Vaughn pads this weekend

  76. Brittany

    I’d love to win my brother a new pair of goalie pads for his senior year of D1 high school hockey

  77. Stephen Clement

    I have played for 39 years, coached for 20. Specific goalie coaching and mentoring for 10. Keeping up with the times is essential. I worked at a sporting goods store specific to hockey equipment and was lucky to be able to try most brands. Vaughn was my definitely one of my favs because of my age and what it allows me to do with less torque and hip stress. New gear would be a blessing…and my last pair!

    Thanks Vaughn for being a quality product over the years

  78. Thomas Jackson

    Love my Vaughn pads been using them for years. Although I might get about a year it might be time for and upgrade to these new pads.

  79. Russell Castelletti

    My son (who plays Bantom A travel) and myself use only Vaughn equipment and nothing else. Thank you Mike for making such outstanding goalie gear.

  80. Connor

    I’ve used Vaughn equipment since I’ve played competitive hockey as a teen and I’ve worn my last set of equipment for 6 years and about 13 seasons lol 3-4 teams a year. Might need new pads for sure

  81. David Stahlman

    I have been using Vaughns for the past 2 years and won’t ever look back. Just got a new Jonathan Quick replica mask, I would LOVE to have a new set for the first time ever and complete the matching LA Kings look!

  82. grant zell

    Hi Vaughn I have always used Vaughn I love vaughn . I could use some new pads Im AAA and could really use some new pads. Thanks for reading

  83. Ian Porter

    I’ve always wanted to play hockey the last time I played was 5 I’ve never played ever since …right now my mom and dad try to get me the equivalent I need but they’re divorced and right now my moms mom has cancer and we have to help pay for her too sorry for this comment I just need help with money again sorry

  84. Hayden Stocker

    I would love these pads and I think they would step up my game.

  85. alec

    I have ccm right now but I want to mix it up and tuukka rask is my favorite goalie so I want to try his style and gear out

  86. Maxime

    vaughn ???? my favorite pads

  87. *Neil

    Never tried Vaughn but have only heard good things. Hope I get lucky ! New gear is always exciting !

  88. Rondell mckay

    I always wanted Vaughn equipment!!!!!

  89. Cody

    I would love a new set of pads so that I can show my 5 year old son his daddy plays in net, so that I can influence him to play in net too like me 🙂

  90. Chad D.

    As far back as I can remember I had always wanted to be a Tendy but due to Cardiac health problems I was unable to play as a child. When I got older I asked my doctors if it was safe to try as an adult (mid 20s) at the time and they finally were able to allow me to play ! A Dream come true !! Growing up watching P Roy made me want Koho when I started but couldn’t afford them, but anytime I played street hockey as a youngster i alway wrote Vaughn on all my equipment, since pretty much every goalie used it. So when thine finally came where I could afford it I without hesitation bought a custom ordered set of V3 the year they came out and have never regretted that decision one bit, I absolutely love my Vaughns but I’m starting to get that itch for a new set of gear again. I would be so great cul to win this gear and continue to represent Vaughn for the rest of my playing career.
    PS im now 37 and the V3 although still in nearly mint condition with tons of hours on them could use a new home, possibly donate to local minor hockey. Thank you for the opportunity !

  91. Alexander Patten

    Love the E-mag

  92. Catherine Ouellette


  93. Noelle notto-gibson

    I have raised three goalies. All played competitive. Unfortunately, I ended up using their equipment so never have my own. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed three years ago with breast cancer that I realized how much I missed playing the sport and position. The bulk of my children’s equipment can be found at the house league level in Brantford and Ancaster. I guess as I returned to play this year that agreed to come back cause I did (they are mostly beginners)that I realize it’s about time to invest in me. Would love pink pads.

  94. Tony thompson

    I have Vaughn gloves and Itech leg pads still in good shape. Would love to win a new set and will donate my old set to charity or someone in need.

  95. Brad

    I’d like to win the pads that have the puck magnets in them! All my equipment is Vaughn and I have been very pleased with it.

  96. Evan Soucy

    I would love some new pads. I am just about to go and play for my high school and would like pads that match the uniforms.

  97. Michael Gregg

    My leg pads and chest protector is in its last straw. My bauers are 33+1 and my leg doesn’t fit in the leg channel. Haven’t had very good luck with mine as it is and would really like to see if vaughn is what the say they are. Please choose me!

  98. Rodeny

    I’ve been playing goal for about 10 years n never had new equipment,just to,expensive :( read n see the pictures about other goalie new gear n how excited they seem. can’t even imagine the thought of the feeling of getting a new set or try stuff on in stores n can only dream of maybe one day ?? sadly for most of us it will only be a dream..But still we all hold on to our hope n dreams as only we goalies understand .. so wish all of you fellow goalies Good Luck 🙂

  99. Chance McClaine

    Playing acha d1 this year and need a new set for my college season.

  100. Bob Munshaw

    In 30 plus years of playing goal, the only thing I have owned new is a chesty and cup, so winning this would be awful sweet!

  101. Craig

    Being the parent of a goalie is quite a ride, but being the parent of two goalies… Doubles the fun!! There is nothing more fun than scouring the earth to find reasonably priced gear for the two of them!! (#3 – decided to shoot at his brothers!) What a deal to maybe get a NEW set and be able to pass down so both could enjoy!!! Thanks for the making such a solid product Vaughn!!

  102. Andy Yaschenko

    Must to admit, we are tried other brands two times. But always understood, what Vaughn is the best!

  103. Caitlyn

    I would love a new set of pads or anything else mine is getting to small and worn out and I can’t afford new stuff. Plus I have boys jrC tryouts in the next few months ????

  104. Brandon

    Vaughan is my favourite brand of goalie wear been wearing is for the past 2 and a half season’s, but needed a new set so stuck with Reebok. If I were to when these pads of cloves would be amazing cause I come from a poor family and going into my 1st year in highschool hockey, and could use new gear. Love Vaughn ????

  105. Andres Kulla

    I am using Bauer Reactor pads, but have learnt the Vaughns are better

  106. Rebecca Renard

    My almost 6′ 12 year old is going to need new gear soon. He’s been in senior pads for 2 years and he’s still growing like a weed. He only likes Vaughn pads so winning a set would be a great help.

  107. pattarapol

    the best goalie equipment is Vaughn 1000%

  108. Chris Rodgers

    My son and I both wear Vaughn. I could use some new gear. He gets new stuff every year and keep the same old stuff. It still plays great but some new stuff would be great!

  109. Mikael

    Looking forward to have new pads to the camp this summer

  110. Ethan Slobodzian

    “You want to be the best, you wear the best”

  111. Brian

    Hoping for the best. Have a two playing and the younger one is growing faster than the older one. Older one is in a pair of you custom pads. Hands down V has the most helpful customer service of any manufacturer. Keep up the good work.

  112. Frank S.

    I really could use a new Chest protector. Mine is 6 years old, and I can really feel it in the arms, stings like heck. The Vaughn V6 Velocity would be a welcome piece to my gear.

    Love this site, learn lots of new techniques and a great place to look at those highlights each week, thats my favourite!

  113. Anthony Shrum

    I would love anything new from vaughn:)

  114. Mike32

    I’m a 57 year old goalie who plays 3 times per week. Been wearing Vaughn pads, gloves and C/A for over 25 years. I’ve tried other brands of pads, but the double break Velocity line of pads has always worked perfectly for me. I’m a bit of a scrambler out there, and the added flexibility these pads provide just work really well for my style.

    The Vaughn blocker has no rival at all. I use the V3-7500 and it is the most comfortable, protective glove on the planet. If I don’t win the pads, I’d be very happy with a new set of these “oven mitts.”

    My teammates laugh at it, but I just love my 7500 C/A. I realize it is time for a new one, but it would be like parting ways with an old friend.

  115. chris

    Woukd love a new set of gear. Changed from reebok to vaughn a rew seasons ago and will not wear any other gear than vaughn.

  116. troy

    My son vaughn loves your goalie pads.He is actually do for a new pair this yr. He is the only goalie out of three brothers. It would be great to be able to surprise VMAN with a new pair.

  117. Jason Charette

    I love my retro Vaughn Velocity 7600’s. I wouldn’t mind getting a new set though. I play a few nights a week and I’m wearing them out.

  118. Joey Greilich

    Would love a new set of pillows. Jimmy Howard and Jonathan Quick are my inspirations and they both use the Vaughn V6 pads.

  119. michel beland

    i would love a new pair of pads,being on a fixed income because of health reasons,it is extremely hard to afford new gear.

  120. chad

    New gear would sure be nice for my son. Plus help offset the cost of travel hockey and buying new gear every year. Especially since he is almost 11 and grows our of his pads faster than I can buy him new ones that fit. Would be a great birthday present.

  121. Blair Geoge

    I am the President of a Minor Hockey Association , were are currently looking for and Fundraising to increase our Goalie Gear . We have players who want to but can not afford to purchase Goalie Gear . I do not want to have a child miss out on a Goalie Career because of this .
    If we win the Goalie Gear it will go to a very Special Cause for our Association .

  122. Arnold Robar

    My son has been playing elite level hockey for several years. He tried a pair of Ventus LT80 pads on and loved the feel but I simply could not afford them, that hurt a bit so a win here would sure put a smile on his face.

  123. Emilie

    Being in a family of goalies and future goalies, I understand the costs to play this wonderful position. I have always been very fortunate with getting new gear and so on through my goalie instructor job. My biggest inspiration is my older brother who is a goaltender himself. He taught me most of what I know about goaltending, he passed on his old gear to me, told me to keep going as far as possible with this sport, and has always been a great brother to me. He now has a family of his own so all his hard earned money goes straight to them. He has always used his first custom set. A beautiful set of black, teal, and forest green V3s. Unfortunately they have shrunk and broke through years of use. I want to give back to him with a new set. It being either pads or gloves. It is something that I need to do no matter what.

  124. Bruce

    Even if I don’t win, I sure hope I can buy it at a good price. This gear gets really $$$.

  125. Pier Angela Parker

    Being a Single Mom of two for. 12 years.Love to surprise my Son by winning for him. Every year since age 4 needing Goalie equipment. Would help being I’m a single Mom. Vaughan Beand has been his brand .

  126. Thomas K

    I would love a new set of pads that fit better.

  127. Karen

    The cost for a keeper is so high but the smile on his face is priceless, this win would make such a difference in his life, here’s hoping.

  128. colleen

    My son is 16 has never had a pair of new pads. The pads he has now they don’t even make anymore i don’t believe, TPS EXCEED but he has always been very appreciative of anything we have gotten him. New pads would be him would be awesome!

  129. Kim Planetta

    Nothing but Vaughan gear for our household of goalies!

  130. Richard Ivey

    New kit looks great and a step forward in goalie protection and shot stopping. With the game getting faster anything to increase your speed in the crease is a good thing. Great lines and discrete graphics. Great Job from the R&D team

  131. Loren Jones

    I’ve been playing goalie since I had the interest as a mini mite. I’ve owned Vaughn’s in the past in fact they are my favorites! I have an old glove I’m ready to retire for a new one. I just bought a pair of Bauer pads because they were affordable for my parents. I’m currently wearing senior pads and it’s getting very expensive as I keep growing. I just got my blocker last spring and its still in good shape. I would love the Vaughn pads because they are my favorite and they feel right and I can maneuver easily in them. I’d rather be in a pair Vaughn pads than my Bauers. I hope I can win these! They are sick!

  132. Smokey

    I’ve tried Reebok, Bauer, CCM, Brian’s, some no name brands and Vaughn. Consistently Vaughn gear offers protection, playability, comfort and durability that the others can’t even come close to matching. The biggest compliment I can give my Vaughn gear is that I am not aware that I am wearing it when I play. When the game is going on, a goalie doesn’t want to be distracted by gear that doesn’t fit quite right. Some nagging little thing that distracts you, and gets you off your game. I use Vaughn pro level equipment, and even though it is older now, it has never let me down.

  133. Debbie

    Both of my sons and daughter play hockey. All of them play dek hockey in an adult league( on the same team), but the boys also play ice hockey. My youngest son has always had to use his big brothers hand me downs from when he was goalie. My youngest son will start this year in ice hockey and it would make me feel so wonderful for my youngest to have his own equipment, because he never once complained that he had to use his older brothers, he was just so happy to play.

  134. H.Schwebius

    My son has tried other pads but loves Vaughn! A new set of pads would be so awesome!

  135. Lisa. R

    No Goalie equipment compares to
    Vaughn , What a Great product they produce. It would be Amazing to win????

  136. d. forrest

    Vaughn…nothing but the best for my goalie.

  137. Kim

    Would simply adore those pads. For one since my current pads are 1 size to small, and they are all pink atm after I bled all over them in the last game of the season 😛

    But good luck everyone who’s participated 🙂

  138. Charlie O'Dowd

    I grew up as a stand up goalie. My hero is Glenn Hall. (He’s remembered as being the St. Louis goalie that Bobby Orr scored against for the Bruins Stanley Cup Win. I’d love to have state-of-the-art pads when I compete in Spoopy’s Senior World Hockey Tournament in July.

  139. Mike

    As a hockey dad and beer league goalie (for both ball and ice) I sure could use some new pads. I’ve been buying second hand pads now for 10 years and drool over the new lines that come out each year. Vaughn gear has always been my fave and it’s amazing to see how they come up with new technology each year to make it better and better.

  140. Sebastian Whitlow

    I am just starting out as goalie but all my equipment is very old used stuff and it would be nice to have new stuff.

  141. ANDREY

    I am 36 YEARS old. from them Ya 30 I play on the goalkeeper’s positions. now and my son, began to play the goalkeeper

  142. Norm Pipke

    My son is going into second year bantam. He’s good. Will probably be the top goalie next season in his association.
    He’s a Bauer honk.
    Everything (and I mean everything) on his body, when he steps on the ice, is from Bauer.
    Not a bad thing necessarily. But I’d like to see him experiment with other manufacturers. Really find his own taste so to speak.
    Not to mention, he’s growing like a weed, and my wallet is having a hard time keeping up.

  143. Connor

    I just think itd be awesome to walk out of this contest repping 1 piece to a new beautiful set

  144. Mario

    I love being goalie, been playing since i was a kid but only street hockey but ever since i started on ice im loving every minute of it. I could deff use a new set. My pads are ripping.

  145. Carl G.

    I have been wearing Vaughn since the Legacy 2000 line in the early 90’s. My evolution was from Legacy to Vision (5500) and sadly I migrated away to a Velocity clone ~6 years ago. I recently filled in for a friend in an emergency and wore his pads (and everythign else!) but was amazeed at how much better the V2’s outperformed my gear.

    My playing days will end this decade, so it doesn’t pay to buy new pads. However, if I win a set, I would wear them 3x a week with the biggest of grins.

    PS I still wear my original VPG2000 that I bought new in 1993 in a league with a few ex-nhl’ers and top-tier college grads. Talk about quality.

  146. Randal J

    My son loves anything Vaughn.

  147. Forrest H

    My son keeps outgrowing his equipment and I am going broke trying to keep up. These pads would be a God send.

  148. John

    I really need new gear. My Bauer chesty is wearing out and my pads need a little love. New gear would help my game.

  149. klaire

    2nd year playing goal, my 11 year old son is 5’10” & growing fast! He is in full men’s (senior) gear including size 11.5 skates. A replacement set would be VERY welcomed, considering decent senior used gear is quite hard to come by. Replacement gear every season is allocated in the budget, right behind food & hockey fees:) Goalies Rule! Good luck to everyone!

  150. Eden Tourney

    Eden would look great in a new pair of Vaughn’s pads. His V4’s will be too small for next season.

  151. mike

    Would be nice for my son to have new gear. Always had second hand stuff.

  152. Johnny Garrard

    V6 Velocity CA with Kevlar, is what I’m after 🙂

  153. Trevor

    This mid forties 6xweek’r goalie is hoping for the best. My gear is getting really doughy and pucks are starting to hurt