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Win a Set of Reebok’s new P4 (now with bonus entry)

Win a Set of Reebok’s new P4 (now with bonus entry)

You’ve seen them stopping pucks in the National Hockey League this season, drooled over them in the pre-release video clips after InGoal Magazine was invited to a special launch party in Las Vegas way back in October, planned color patterns for your own set, and been saving to buy it when they are released later this spring.

Now, the wait for Reebok’s new P4 line of goaltending equipment is over.

Even better: you might not need to spend that money to get a set of your own, because InGoal has teamed up with The Hockey Shop to give you a chance to win a set of the new Reebok P4 gear.

Sign up for the contest over at The Hockey Shop, and while you are there be sure to check out their customizer to design your own set, an off-ice video review of the new line, an exclusive promotional video featuring Vancouver Canucks’ standout Roberto Luongo.

*New: If you’ve already entered once, be sure to “like” their Facebook page for a bonus entry.

And speaking of Luongo, InGoal Magazine has been working with a set of the Canucks’ No.1 pads and gloves for the last month, and has now published our own print-and-picture review in the the Second Edition of our new bi-monthly magazine, with a complete off- and on-ice video review to follow.

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  1. Andy

    Awesome for goalies/or goalie fans lots of info if you dislike this you must be a short warp up this is a great website everyone should see this

  2. ryan sweeney

    good for goalies

  3. Robert Schembri

    Saaaawwweeettt! I could use some goalie equipment, considering everything that I have was pre-owned. I’ve been playing hockey my whole life and now I want to play goalie. Word!

  4. Ray c

    Can’t wait to see the review….. Is it going to Come out soon?

  5. Christopher DeMarco

    They look amazing on goalies/ and looking amazing to see in action!

  6. malik shah

    lastnight i cried because ive been saving up money from odd jobs(because i havent had a job in a year in new york city its very hard to find work) so ive been offering myself as a goaile for a few bucks (nomore then $20) to people who do lessons at my local rink so i can buy a good set of pads glove and blocker and somebody stole all my money the pads i have are cheap cheap bauer pads about 200bucks ive had them for almost three years i have a one80 glove and a itech rx7 blocker i hate to tell my story to people i dont know because ive learned that most dont care but to who ever wins the set play hard and everyday because i know i would it dont matter how old or young you are(im 34) you should put that set on a feel like MB30(my fav goalie) all i want to do is play hockey i know this is a really long post and i am not trying to better my chance of wining by posting this because if someone can steal away my dream maybe i shouldnt be playing i guess thats why black people like myself dont do well it wasnt ment for me i wish i could delete my entry i wasnt going to win anyway

    • JC

      Hey listen up! First off, Dont you ever give up playing hky…EVER!
      I’m Black myself and I’m 36 yrs old. I didnt get my set of new equipment until I was 26yrs old or so.
      It was all D&R low end stuff! Pucks would hurt when I got shot at! It wasnt till age 34, that I was able to get second hand good Goal equipment. Then I went through a bad breakup with my Girlfriend and she took everything from me( lied and accused me of assaulting her! Lost my house and property) So I had to start from scratch and buy new equipment all over again! (I felt like giving up too)
      But I cried, made a choice, I wont quit, cause I love this game too much.
      Anyway, I dont know you, but I feel your pain!

      Remember through Christ all things are possible, you just have to Believe!
      I currently play B/C Div in mens league hockey, and I’m Very Happy I didnt quit. (I suck at basketball anyway and I’m 6’1″ lol)

      Email me if you can [email protected] I’d like to help you out if I can.
      Even if its just to keep your love for Hockey Going!
      P.S. Im from Brampton,Ont,Canada (Home Of Brampton Batallion (OHL))
      (Beside Toronto,Ontario) Home of the Toronto Maple Leafs


    i think the new p4 goal pads are awesome and id love nothing more than to win a set. ive bin a goaltender since i was 5. im now 36 and have one wish before i die,thats to have my 3 kids ages 11,9 and 3 to see there dad play goal. i dont have any way to afford new gear now that i have 3 kids its just to tuff, i do think the new p4’s are sweeeet and i would get a few shutouts in them. great work reebok and thank you for the chance to make my dreams come true.i realy hope i win and get to take the ice once again.

  8. Ulla Forsman

    What a great surprise present for my sons – I wish for a miracle!

  9. Sam

    I have been waiting for this all year, I have worked hard in school and on the ice, so my parents will get me a new set of P4’s. I have been a die hard Bauer goalie for seven years and a vaughn man before that but I am getting these Reeboks weather I win then here or from my parents. My little sister is getting 18k’s it will be her first set of non Vaughn gear she’s a squart it will be cool for she and I to roll out in the same team uniform and pads right.