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Follow AHL Goalie News on Twitter

Now, I know not everyone is on board with Twitter yet. There’s an impression among some people that it’s a bunch of narcissists talking about what they had for breakfast.

In fact, what it really does is provide a way to get a completely custom stream of information 24/7.

For example, 95% of the tweets I follow are hockey specific and probably 30% of those are goalie specific. I rarely get tweets that aren’t of interest to me on some level, because I can unfollow anyone who wastes my time.

Bottom line, when you have a specialized interest such goalies and enjoy getting news in the moment, Twitter really fits the bill. There are some FANTASTIC goalie-centric tweets to follow out there, and I hope I’ve added to that by starting the official In Goal Magazine AHL Goalie Tweet (

The idea is to get breaking AHL goalie news to you as it breaks, as well as pushing links to any good articles, photos, news, whatever, that I think you’ll find interesting.

So, if you’re already Twitterfied, come follow us, and if you’re not, consider jumping on board. There really is quite a nice community of goalies, most of which are included in my list of “Goaltending Peeps” on my personal twitter feed, if you’re looking for a place to start.

Drop a comment or tweet me if you want to see more or less of something in the feed thus far.

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Heather Galindo

I cover the AHL Houston Aeros for, which has focused my passion for goaltending on minor league goalies mainly in the AHL. To stay abreast of every last drop of AHL goalie news, follow me at @InGoalMagAHL on Twitter while the big news, analysis, etc. will be posted here at I was so inspired by watching the goalies here in Houston a few years ago that I went out and learned to skate and play hockey in order to become a goalie myself. So far I'm still more sieve than goalie, but I've never had more fun being so terrible at something!