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Periodic Table of Goaltending Elements

InGoal friend Justin Goldman’s Periodic Table of Goaltending Elements has launched on Kickstarter and met its funding goal in a mere 48-hours. On April 7 the launch will close and with a lengthy and creative list of funding rewards fore those who support the project, it’s well worth checking out before the opportunity is gone.

We can’t do this project justice with a few words in a story here – as with everything Goldman does it’s backed by a passion for the position and goes deep examining the skills both mental and physical that go into both loving and succeeding in the crease. So take some time now to visit the Kickstarter page that will give you everything you want to know about it and, we trust, leave you wanting more.

Centered around The Goalie Guild founder Goldman’s original graphic, which was designed in 2012 and made in the image and likeness of the scientific periodic table, this educational project will transform his creation into a full-color learning book with definitions of every “element” in the goaltending table. That’s a total of 131 of the most commonly-used terms, techniques, tactics, and fundamental concepts that make up the goaltending position.

Through a full re-design of the current version (seen above), simple, easy-to-read definitions will be combined with examples and positive pointers to take the infographic to new heights. But the book will not stop there: it will also include valuable workbook assignments and reflection sheets in order to promote further learning in both group and individual settings. The book will be published independently and then made available on Amazon, other online bookstores, and through The Goalie Guild’s web store.

More importantly, we understand the hindrances and costs associated with the goaltending position, so we’ve agreed to donate 25% of the proceeds for every book sold to The Goalie Guild’s nonprofit foundation! Those dollars will help support their annual scholarships and educational projects, which reach thousands of goalies every day and alleviate the rising costs associated with training and development.


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