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  1. Steven Santaguida

    Great equipment

  2. Bruce Low

    Hi, I am thinking of getting back into goaltending. But ever goalie is a flop/butterfly. I don’t understand, when I played the gear was not as big, and being a stand up goalie, Jacque Plante being my idle, I had great success.
    My question is what is the best top of the line pad for a stand up style?
    Cheers, Bruce

    • Kevin Woodley

      Thanks for question Bruce, there aren’t any pads designed “just” for a stand up style these days, most have a kneestack intended to allow goalies to drop to their knees at some point (and ease the joint issues associated with doing so if that stack wasn’t there to land on) … that said, you are probably after a softer pad that is designed to worn tight to the leg, as many old-school stand-up goalies did. Most companies have a “softer” pad option, including CCM ExtremeFlex, the Brian’s G-NETik line and of course the Vaughn Velocity (latest with the traditional soft shin and knees rolls is the V6 2000 line). We’ve also had one InGoal writer and self-proclaimed old-school goalie like yourself fall in love with Warrior’s new Ritual G2 line, which is loaded with modern features and may not look like the traditional soft leg you are looking for, but can be worn tight or loose and seems to work with many styles.

      Hope this helps,


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