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Reebok / CCM Goal Equipment

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CCM Goal Equipment


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  1. Billy

    Could I demo a set of these?

  2. Cam

    I’m 13. I love the ccm 500 set works great and lots of coverage. On the pads there is also an ajustable Velcro strap that you may need to fiddle with. Great Gear though!

  3. Logan

    I just got the new ccm chest protector and i cant stand it i hate it arms to long and it’s just to stiff after even after two weeks of non-stop use. others may disagree with me but i hate it im gonna stick with vaugn chest protector its a pro int. large i barley think its worth any thing. i got it new for 269 im selling it now we would need to make a deal not telling you to buy it but if you like that kind of stuff then go ahead. Btw CCM did amazing with the extream flex 500 line up amazing job with that i have the helmet (no obcession) too decently light i guess not 100% on protection thou and i have small head i have the 900 small fits me in every way except in length, my chin dosent in chin cup if i push it down my forhead dosent reach sweat band, also they extended the back head plate and for me if i move my head up it really hurts my neck. On my blocker i had to send it it in to get fixed because the zipper broke and came off, all the gear really likes to absorbe puck marks ive had most off the gear for about two months and there almost black and i can’t wash it off. great pad thou recommend them!

  4. Daniel Leblanc xCastillou

    Hello, I have a glove and blocker goalie reebok goal discontinued. it is an older model that stand much at heart and want to know if you could make a custom. I know it will be expensive to me. thank you to answer me

    ( i speak french)

    • David Hutchison

      Daniel, you’ll need to contact Reebok directly or work through a retailer that does custom orders.


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