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Goalie Schools and Coaches

For a list of over 100 of the best coaches and camps, please read our Spring & Summer 2016 Directory.


  1. Steve Davies

    Can you please include my goalie school in your information. Thanks, sd

  2. katsuak

    is there and practrice with guy around august in 2015 ?

  3. Doug Rome

    I would like to my Goalie Training Facility listed as well! Not sure how i go about this. It is GoaliesbyDoug



  4. David v

    My son has been playing hockey for 2 years and has chosen to be a goalie. He is 13 and needs to hit a goalie camp this summer. We live in Arkansas but will be back home in Aurora Ont this summer. I was looking for any good suggestions for a goalie clinic for him in the Aurora / Newmarket area. Any input would be very helpful.

    • DAN meyer

      Hi David, Eli Wilson Goaltending runs a camp in Brampton about 40 minutes from Aurora for goaltenders Atom to Adult. Send us your contact information and we will send you some information [email protected] or see the information on our site http://www.eliwilsongoaltending

    • Pro Goaltending

      David , Check out PRO Goaltending pro The Elite program would be a good place to start in the program.
      The school is located just north of Oshawa … they offer residence options as well.

      • Simon

        I’m looking for a goalie coaches school. I’m a beer leaguer but heard about a school that will certify like a level one coach. I guess that means I could help out the younger goalies. I think they are not getting good fundamentals. It’s all b-fly all the time.

        • Chris Dyson

          Hi Simon, We (Puckstoppers) have created a program that offers Coaches Goaltender Training Certification over a 4 day program in London Ontario – here is the link . Be sure to watch the video’s on the top right and you can see my thoughts on the lack of goalie coaching and know that I am thrilled and proud to hear you are looking to gain knowledge and do it right!

          I also have a book coming out specifically for coaches to help them better work with goalies at the grass roots level. Target Practice, 8 Mistakes That Ruin A Love Of The Game. You can get a free download at There is also an accompanying website, we have created just fro coaches like you, who want to learn and do it right. We have contributions from goalie caches around the world. Click here to see

          Please send me any questions at [email protected] – Hope to see you soon.

          • Chris Dyson

            Coaches program:

      • TIffanie DErlago

        Hi there in Manitoba which goalie camp or goalie coach would you recommend? Thanks for our 10 year old!

  5. Paul Tronchin

    Do you know of any course for coaches in Edmonton area. So frustrated when the goalies are just a shooter tutor.

    • Kevin Woodley

      Paul, we have been led to believe that Hockey Canada now has 2 levels of its goalie coach certification program up and running now — you should be able to take these courses locally at some point. If not, we’d like to know about it

    • Paul

      Over the August long weekend I flew out to London Ontario to participate in puckstoppers goaltender coaching certification coarse. living in Edmonton Alberta I couldn’t find anything for goalie coaches, until I found puckstoppers. It’s a wonderful coarse, learned so much from the instructor’s. Well worth the money. Kind of sad I had to fly so far to get training. Big shout out to puckstoppers for helping coaches out instead of just looking out for themselves.

  6. hockeymom

    I looked through the list of articles trying to find advice for new goalies. I have a 14 yr old son that wants to be a goalie this coming season. He is 6’2″ already, but I worry that him wanting to jump into being a goalie and his expectation to do very well, despite the fact he has never worn goalie equipment before, will be prone to injuries. I suggested perhaps he remain a player and learn about being a goalie throughout the year, but he is quite determined being a goalie is what’s best for him.

    I tried to look for articles regarding a situation like that but didn’t find anything. I personally don’t know what he needs to be doing now. Is there any advice anyone can give? Thanks

    • Gregory Papas

      Find a goaltending instructor that teaches contemporary style goaltending. It’s important that he gets proper advice when buying equipment: equipment doesn’t necessarily make a goalie better, but the wrong equipment can make one worse. There are plenty of camps throughout the summer but he might be better off with simple private lessons and some fun with pickup hockey

      • Gregory Papas

        If he wants to be goalie then let him, it’s an amazing position. He’ll start at a lower level than he’s probably used to, but hockey is about having fun after all. Being a goalie is great–we’re the smartest guys on the ice! (And a goalie mom is the smartest fan in the stands)

  7. Arthur

    My name is Arthur.
    I have a goalie son who wants a good goalie school. I am not a hockey fan and do not understand all the politics. Any ideas as who are some of the best goalie schools in the Toronto area? Thanks


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