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  1. Cait

    Hello, is there a way to get in contact with someone from this site?

    • James Climenhage

      Dear InGoal Magazine,

      My son Lachlan and I just wanted to say thank-you for sending him to the Eli Wilson Goaltending camp in Vancouver, BC. He enjoyed the camp very much and learned a lot. He is looking forward to the upcoming hockey season in Quesnel where he will continue to practice and apply his new found skills.

      Thanks again,
      Lachlan and James

  2. Mike Wunderlich

    I am interested in contacting someone from this site but I don’t see any contact info for anyone. could an administrator email me please? [email protected]



  3. patrick

    yeah can i get a contact email please

  4. Doug

    I was wandering how to get in contact with the editor to see if I can write an article for the magazine on my daughter who is a REP LEVEL GOALIE and has been for the last eight years and has played goal for ten years and she is only fifteen year old. I want to write this article about how there is a huge dicline in this position in FEMALE HOCKEY and I think I know why because I am a coach and a father of a goalie that plays at a high level of hockey. I think that it is caused by the high cost of this position and if your child wants to play at a higher level the cost sky rockets because of better gear, more extra training, more traveling for Rep Level player, and so on. Can you please email me back at [email protected] to let me know what the answer is.

    Thank You

    Doug Seltenrich

  5. Mark Strazdins

    Just wondering if the St-GoalXtreme blades are legal (at the NHL level and/or junior levels)?

  6. Mindingmynet

    These articles are awesome! Is there a way to get printed copy? Subscription? Or is it only online? I’d love a stack of these magazines on my coffee table and in the wash room.

  7. 2thdoc

    how do you contact the website? Can you subscribe to a printed version of this magazine? thanks

    • David Hutchison

      Sorry, we’re digital only right now. Thanks for reading!

  8. Nate

    Is there a way to read articles from previous issues? I would love to read about Canadiens star Carey Price’s secret stick tweaking tips for better puck handling. from the April 17 2012 issue!!!

    • David Hutchison


      When you have the latest issue open there is button on the top left of your screen for archives and you can view all of our past issues there.

      Thanks for reading!

  9. James DeMarco

    Thank you very much for including Small Saves this month. : )

    Jay DeMarco…..& Small Saves!

  10. John Driggs

    Just heard Kevin Woodley on xmnhl. He made a couple of negative comments about “the politics” of Tim Thomas. Obviously woodley is a liberal. He can think what he wants but he should think again before he makes those kind of assinine, anti-conservative comments. Half of the USA, where the great majority of XM listeners reside , is conservative. I was seriously offended by his anti-conservative remarks!! If this sort of commentary becomes the norm I will certainly cancel my xm subscription even though I do l love hockey. I agree with Tim’s politics and I applaud him refusing to go to the white house and shake Obama’s hand. I wouldn’t shake his hand either. Mr. Woodley please stick to hockey. You’ll be much more interesting to listen to.

  11. Matt McCoy

    Wow John! Take your head out of your rear end. Kevin Woodley was trying to express that Tim Thomas should have been apart of the TEAM to go to the Whitehouse and kept his political opinions to himself. I’m pretty sure the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup not just Tim Thomas. Sport is for everyone to enjoy and leave out religion and the political bullshit. I’m pretty sure that XM wouldn’t be too devastated if you pack in your subscription. Please remember, like any REAL hockey player knows “There is no I in team”. That should help you understand what Mr.Woodley was trying to point out.

  12. Troy Chapman

    My sons goalie coach, Sean Murray, suggested that your magazine would be a great one for him to have. However, the problem I am having is how to order it. Can it only be viewed online, or can you get a hard copy of it?



  13. Naomi

    I have the exact same question as Troy. My boyfriend is a goalie fanatic and would love to get him a paper subscription, does it exist?

  14. Brian


    Maybe not the best place. I just wanted to get comments on what reciently happened to my U10 Squirt Major goalie. He was playing ok then let in a couple of soft goals in. Visabliy got upset with them. He is the only goalie for the team, the coach to teach him a lesson to improve his effort. Gave the opposing teams back up goalie one of our practice jerseys and pulled my son in favor of him. Mind you they think the working with the goalie to improve his skills is “we shoot on him at practice”. Little to no specific drills for him, and little to no coaching on improper technique during any drill. They seem to think I am crazy to think this was wrong in any way.. So am I wrong?

    Thank You.

    • Darren Sharpe

      This is the reason kids quit playing hockey.
      I am a head coach for Novice age kids (7-8 year olds).
      What this coach did is unacceptable. How can a child be expected to improve his effort if he/she is not given the direction and teaching required to focus those efforts.
      Kids of all ages need to be taught properly. I am lucky that I have an assistant coach that is an excellent goalie coach as well. Teaching kids to play goal is a unique skill that very few have and do well. if no goalie coach is available it is up to the head coach to educate himself and teach this young goalie as best he can and not just take shots in practice.
      You may want to talk with coach first and if that doesn’t work involve your division co-ordinator.

  15. Lawrence WELSH

    Do you guys mail magazines

    • David Hutchison

      Sorry, no. We only publish digitally right now.

  16. dicky


    Would you be willing to run a feature on two custom painted helmets for two Airman from the Royal Air Force who play ice hockey for the Air Force. Please make contact on the above email address if possible.



  17. Jason Coles

    I was wondering when the next issue will be realeased I enjoy reading the articles on the web site but I like to print the magazines off and refer back to them from time to time

  18. Gail

    I was wondering what the 2013 movember sherwood goal stick was. When I contacted Sherwood to inquire what the 2013 movember goal stick was they responded saying it was a T90. In a previous article you mentioned the movember 2013 sherwood goal stick was a T70. Wondering which information is correct?

  19. Gregg

    I’m looking at getting the Bauer NXG jr. goalie skate for my daughter (11 years old). She plays girls rep hockey and is on the ice 5 times a week. She’s 4’8″ and weighs 70 pounds. she’ll be wearing a size two. Is this a good skate for her? Our local pro shop tried talking me out of buying this skate (to stiff) for her. Thanks for your time, Gregg.

    • David Hutchison

      Honestly Gregg we haven’t tested the jr NXG yet so it’s tough for us to say anything with any authority. Sorry.

  20. Ben Shapiro

    did the videos detailing how to change the toe and boot smart strap system back to the normal toe tie and leather strap in the article reviewing the G-Netik Pro 2 pads cut off half way for anyone else?

    i just ordered those pads and i’d like to see how to make that change (more for the boot strap than the toe tie as the toe tie is obvious).

  21. Pierre Beauchemin


    I am an artist that specialized in sports artwork ( including NHL goalies ). I was wondering if you would be interested about my artwork for your magazine.

    Pierre ( Niceroad ) Beauchemin

  22. Lisa

    Contact Information please!

  23. Ray Cholke

    The Goalie in the Green with the “N” on his chest — Please let me know what the N stands for and what team it is — Looks like a ship with cannons???
    I would like to get a similar jersey like that asap — especially with the “N”–

    • David Hutchison

      Well, you’d have to move to Nanaimo, BC on Vancouver Island. It’s a Nanaimo Minor Hockey Association jersey 🙂 Glad you like it!


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