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Devils’ Goalie Kevin Weekes Talks with InGoal Magazine

Injured Netminder Being Treated in Toronto by the Same Doctor and therapist who treated Tiger Woods

Not long ago I had the good fortune to bump into New Jersey Devils goaltender Kevin Weekes on Twitter (@KevinWeekes). I reached out to him to chat with us and to my very plesant surprise found out that Kevin has been a regular reader of IGM, and was more than happy to share a bit of his time with us.
Kevin is a great guy who is easy to chat with about a a range of topics. Today we present a brief update on his recent injury and tomorrow we’ll get into a more lengthy conversation that I’m sure you will enjoy.

Listen to Part II here.

Goalie Kevin Weekes

Kevin's awesome mask was made by Eddymasks of Toronto and the design is by Daveart of Sweden.
Check out our interview with Daveart.

It was a bit of a surprise to hear that Kevin is actually in Toronto rehabbing his injury – because he was able to work with the same people who treated Tiger Woods’ recent injury. Kevin talks a bit about why the Devils let him return to Toronto for treatment and how the rehab is progressing – obviously with hopes of rejoining his teammates in New Jersey as soon as possible.

Kevin is obviously very impressed by the work of Dr. Tony Galea and Dr. Mark Lindsay and feels that they are helping his rehab progress much faster than would be otherwise possible.

Take a few minutes and visit Kevin’s site as well!

Listen to Part II of our interview here.

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