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Interview with Kevin Weekes

We caught up with Hockey Night in Canada and the NHL Network’s Kevin Weeks at the Pengrowth Saddledome during the gameday skate for the Calgary Flames before they took on the Oilers last weekend.

Kevin Weeks prepares for Hockey Day in Canada

Kevin Weeks prepares for Hockey Day in Canada

Since retiring as a player, Kevin has been a busy man launching a career as a broadcaster and he shared with us his thoughts on the transition from the ice. The more time you spend with Kevin the more you have to think – forget being a pioneer on the ice and in the broadcast booth – this man will be running an NHL team one day. He stands out from so many other hockey players as someone who has been considering the business side of the game from early in his career, and clearly is a very intelligent man who would be a savvy and strong leader for any organization.

Kevin is well-known for his philanthropic interests and along with his wife has become very involved in charity work in Toronto and his parents’ native Barbados. He also has responded along with the rest of the hockey community to the recent earthquake in Haiti.

He will soon be making himself available as a speaker for corporations and groups and even has a “top-secret” gig booked with a branch of the federal government. I can’t imagine what that might be (or why it is secret) but wouldn’t it be great if he is heading overseas to visit with our troops in Afghanistan.

Kevin was one of the first hockey players to have his own web site and will be relaunching with te new design soon. You can also catch up with him on Twitter (@kevinweekes) where he frequently responds to his followers questions and comments.

(We had some technical issues with the recording, but hope you enjoy hearing from Kevin nonetheless.)

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