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Kevin Weekes Interview Part II

Devils Goalie Chats with inGoal Magazine check out part I of our interview here.

Kevin Weekes New Jersey Devils Goaltender

Yesterday we presented the first part of our chat with Kevin Weekes. Today we present the major part of what turned out to be a lengthy interview. Kevin was very generous with his time talking about his route to the pros, what he does in his spare time, what’s on his iPod, some playoff goaltending predictions and more. Oh, and hang in for the last seconds of the conversation – sounds like we’ll be hearing more from Kevin at inGoal Magazine!

Kevin at his Charity Golf Tournament

Kevin at his Charity Golf Tournament

Kevin is also very generous in the community and one of his biggest efforts is the Kevin Weekes Celebrity Charity Golf Classic July 2-6. Kevin tells us about this event that is far more than your average celebrity tournament. It is a full weekend in Barbados, where Kevin’s parents hail from, with several events that will prove to be memorable trip for anyone who joins him there. The tournament benefits Toronto-based Sky’s the Limit and The Phoenix Academy of Barbados.

Please take some time to learn a bit more about Kevin and when you’re done, head over to his web site for more information. You can also check out Kevin’s playoff blog for Maxim Magazine.

Kevin can be followed on Twitter – which is where we met him – @KevinWeekes.

Hockey photo used with permission thanks to [email protected], all rights reserved.
Golf photo courtesy of Kevin Weekes.

Kevin’s awesome mask was made by Eddymasks of Toronto and the design is by Daveart of Sweden. Check out our interview with Daveart.

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  1. JR

    This is good stuff. Thanks for this!

  2. 2honest4u

    I have heard more in the last year about hockey players giving back, then I have in any other sport. It’s nice to hear about the support that is given to players and the Pay It Forward mentality that many carry with them. This makes it worth the long trips cold seats and volunteer hours for my daughter’s team!