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Interview with Todd Miska

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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Todd Miska about his work as a goalie mask designer. Todd has been one of the leaders in the business for many years, having worked with Ed Belfour, Mika Kiprusoff, Manny Fernandez and many, many more.


In the interview, which is approximately 24 minutes long, Todd discusses:

  • how he got into design and then working with pros
  • Greg Harrison as inspiration
  • Todd’s trademark style of a white pinstripe and his initial
  • Keeping design simple (and affordable!)
  • His pioneering work with Digital Imaging
  • Workng with a goalie – using Josh Harding as an example
  • and much, much more.

I have included several images related to Todd’s thoughts with the post that you can browse as you listen.

Please take the time to check out Todd’s site at You’ll find all his contact information there. If you decide to have him paint your mask, mention inGoalMag as thanks for taking some time for us today!

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