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Steve McKichan DVD Giveaway

Steve McKichan and Leafs Goalie Andrew RaycroftA few weeks back I had the pleasure of chatting with Steve McKichan about his experience as a goalie coach. Steve was an NHL goalie with the  Vancouver Canucks, runs the Future Pro Goalie School and is a former Leafs goalie coach.

Steve kindly offered to give away one of his DVDs to listeners.

So, finally we are able to present our giveaway. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview, I have attached it again to this post. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 

Here are the criteria for the giveaway:

1. You need to be a subscriber to this site. It’s free and painless – just look over to the right in the sidebar. If you are already a subscriber that’s great. If not, either subscribe via email or RSS. 

2. Visit Steve’s site and check out his articles.

3. Finally, leave a comment on this post by clicking below – just let me know about one of Steve’s articles that you enjoyed reading. The winner will be chosen next Monday by random draw

I look forward to hearing from all of you in the comments!

About The Author

David Hutchison

David is one of the founders of InGoal Magazine which he began in 2009. Of course he finds time for some goaltending of his own as well, and despite his age, clings desperately to the idea that some NHL team will call him to play for them - though in his mid-forties (OK, late 40s) it'll likely be for a practice when everyone else on their depth chart has the flu and the shooter tutor has gone in for repairs.


  1. goaliemom31

    Enjoyed reading “The Most Important Position in Sport” which is, of course, the Goalie!!! Very good comparisons to other sports.

  2. Luke Farrell

    I was surprised to learn that over 80% of the goalies in the NHL are not from the U.S.

  3. JR

    The article that sticks with me is “What good goalies do”.It is a good mental prep to think about before I step onto the ice.

  4. ms.conduct

    One of my off-ice tasks for the week is to work on developing my poke check, so the coaching tip on Stick Shyness was a good one to reinforce the need for that.

  5. willmill

    Always like to read and hear what he has to say.It will be a big loss to goalies and their boards when he is hired by a NHL team and won’t have as much time to post.

  6. Likewall

    I have enjoyed many of his post and articles on many boards always having
    valuable insight to the goalie position. One of many I have passed on to my son the goalie in the house was Try-out Advice not only is for try- outs but also good foundation for camps and practices.

  7. Corey Roberts

    I also enjoyed the article called “What good goalies do”. It has proven to be quite useful over the last few months.

  8. Liam McCarthy

    Informative as always. thanks Keeks.

  9. Madeleine Cho

    My favourite articles are Save % in Practice, Mr. Hasek, Stuck in a Moment and Passion to Excel.
    It’s an example of one of my favourite quotes “practice like you play.” Since only one goalie can play the championship games then if you have the to Passion to Excel then you’ll be good enough to be the number one goalie and be willing to play the championship game and run the risk of losing it or have the chance to win it and be the one on the bottom of the pile after the final buzzer.

  10. physicskid


    Agonizingly, I couldn’t decide what specific article to comment on. Each article has so much useful insight and information to consider and adopt.

    Keeks, all your articles are awesome! Supplemented with additional resources such as Gilles Moffet’s Goalies’ World Magazine, I feel more empowered with the art of goaltending.

    Thank you!

  11. Marc Mangubat

    What good goalies do really stood up for me as the most helpful article in that group. A very good read!

  12. Luke Christie

    I really enjoyed the article on “Pro Goalies in Practice”, Ive always treated practice as a time to relax and take it easy, having an insight into how the pros go about daily business will really help me focus on areas I need to work on.


  13. Margot

    All of Keeks articles are great. I especially like how he takes time to address the mental aspect of the game and the character of his goalies.

  14. Kate

    I really enjoyed reading the article legitimate excuses for failure. It was really interesting hear what he had to say about everything, and I really like his grow up attitude that I feel a lot of people need to hear sometimes.

  15. CJ

    I enjoyed the article about the fake poke check. When I was in college (many years ago) my goalie coach taught me some effective poke check techniques from both sides and the shooters were always surprised. You just don’t see poke checks very much anymore at the pro level, nevermind fake ones.

    I liked the article because it focused on things you can do as a goalie to control the game, vs. just being reactive to a shot and letting the shooter dictate.

    PS I am new to this site, and its awesome!!

  16. Amy Burke

    I enjoyed reading “The Fake Pokecheck” article and have tried using it in some of my games. It really does throw off some shooters!

  17. Dorian

    This sounds awesome! I read a lot of Keeks’ posts on the goalie life message board. I recommend it to everyone!

  18. David Stark

    I loved the Mr. Hasek article – inspiring!

  19. Daniel Heslop

    Having had the priviledge of reading keeks thoughts and interacting with him over the last several years on a few online message boards, and also his old CDR which is still among the best goaltending manuals I have (and I have most of them) I never fail to find his perspective and wisdom something that directly benefits my game!

  20. Frank

    I’ve been reading a lot of articles from Keeks, online at Goalielife. I appreciate the amount of time he puts into this whole subject. You can never be too old or too good to improve your game!

  21. Gimpies-Atty

    The “Passion to Excel” article was interesting. I am in the Beer Leagues now, not having learned how to skate until I was 20 in college. I am now a goalie in the local Grumpy Old Men’s League. His article on the passion to excel sub shop owner is so true. I see so many of my coworkers who just try to get by, rather than doing the little things to become a better worker, lawyer, father, etc.

  22. James

    Keeks is awesome.

    Even if he does work for the Leafs…….

  23. Carolyn O'Leary

    Liked all the articles but I enjoyed the Mr. Hasek article. It was nice to get that behind-the-scene peek at some of the NHL players.

  24. Aaron Yurkovic

    “What good goalies do” really helped me. Lately my game mentally has been way off and I can’t seem to get back to normal. This article really helped me get closer to my old self again.

  25. old fogey

    Good podcast. “What good goalies do..” is a really good article. It’s a good reminder of how off track my game has been lately.

  26. sandy

    great info and great site, can’t wait to hear more


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