Carey Price Shares Toe Tie Tips

Why (and how) the Montreal Canadiens No.1 does up the laces between his pads and skates

by Kevin Woodley

We were starting to think maybe we’d missed our window to roll out this behind-the-scenes footage of Carey Price going over his toe tie set up, and why he wears it as loose as he does, at the annual Eli Wilson Day with Price camp that InGoal attends each summer.

After all, the trend towards a bungee-style system had reached the point where pretty much all major brands were including those elastic and Velcro tab setups as a stock option. But then, during our first ever online meetup for Premium members last week, which started with an overview of the new Bauer Supreme UltraSonic line and spun into all kinds of questions about equipment, “Syd” asked about the need for slack in a traditional skate lace toe tie.

It led to a good discussion about the biomechanical relief it can provide to the ankles, knees and hips while in the butterfly, as well as a good point brought up by Andy Chiodo, who is the goaltending development coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins, about the possible pitfalls of leaving your laces too loose. We’ll get to both below, but first of all it was a necessary reminder that even with the trend — and several good reasons for it — towards a bungee style toe tie (and we’ll get to those benefits below too), there are still a lot of goaltenders, especially in the NHL, who are sticking with a more traditional skate lace toe tie. And that brings us back to Price.

The goalies attending the Eli Wilson Day with Price get a new set of CCM equipment, provided through Pete Martin of the Pro Skate Goalie Center in Calgary. After watching several of them strap on their new pads without bothering to add any knots, or a gap, in the lace between the pad and their skates, Price agreed to demonstrate the benefits of how loose he wears his:

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