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InGoal Radio Episode 66: Charlie Lindgren

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In this episode we sit down with Montreal’s Charlie Lindgren who spoke with us about a wide range of topics from his development as a youngster, his competitive streak — he wouldn’t let his younger brother Ryan, now a New York Ranger, shoot on him until he was 19 — moving from the NCAA to the NHL, working with Carey Price and much more.

Our feature interview was posted for our Members on Monday to enjoy before the podcast was produced.

Plus, the boys make their Vezina picks with dinner in Vegas (one day…) on the line.

In this episode we hear from Lindgren on his habits during TV timeouts, and as he mentioned Nikolai Khabibulin as one of his two favorite goalies growing up, we dug up this old article from InGoal on the near obsessive routine of the man they called The Bulin Wall

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Episode 66 of the InGoal Radio Podcast, featuring Montreal Canadien Charlie Lindgren plus the boys make Vezina picks - and a reader poll . . .

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