by Kevin Woodley

Social distancing and stay-at-home isolation has left a lot of goaltenders at every level with extra time on their hands, and in search of ways to stay sharp and perhaps even improve without being able to actually get on the ice to practice.

Making sure you are training properly is the most obvious way to take advantage of this down time, and we’ve already shared a couple other tips, including some of the extra things Philadelphia Flyers goalie Carter Hart does all the time to work on his mental game (From Cold Showers to Concentration Grids), how learning to play the guitar through free lessons from ex-NHL goalie Sean Burke can also improve your glove hand (Goalies and Guitars), and an hour-long mental strength training webinar led by Pete Fry, the Goalie Mindset Guy, and Vegas Golden Knights prospect Dylan Ferguson you can still do by watching the replay.

Another thing goalies have turned to is juggling and ball drills. For most, it’s an easy way to stay on top of their eye-hand coordination at a time when they can’t get on the ice to face shots.

Of course, not every goaltender already knows how to juggle, and that includes at least one prominent NHL goalie who is now using this down time to learn how.

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