ProReads with Carter Hart: Early Awareness Supports Backdoor Save off the Rush

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Today we welcome back Carter Hart for our second Pro Read segment from the hour-plus the Philadelphia Flyers Phenom spent breaking down saves and going over video from his second NHL season. Just as we saw in Hart’s first Pro Read, the 21-year-old is always looking for ways to improve, something InGoal members already know extends into his off-ice and mental training habits, and that’s the case again on this backdoor save off the rush against Evgenii Dadonov of the Florida Panthers that ends with Hart coming across in a partial spread.

“Are these all glove saves?” Hart lamented with a laugh during the extended video session with InGoal. “Some of my favorite saves are the ones that look the easiest.”

It’s a statement every goalie can appreciate. We all know the saves that end up on highlight reels after often the result of a mistake, or miss-read, though it’s hard to blame Hart for getting a little extended on a broken rush play that crossed the slot line twice. So, follow along as he breaks down the sequence and see for yourself if he could have done much better here.

The Sequence

The first part of this play comes as the Florida Panthers top line breaks out of their own end and Hart has to identify the most dangerous threat on what quickly goes from an apparent 3-on-3 rush through the neutral zone to a 4-on-3 once they’re over the blue line.

Actually, the first part of Hart’s read comes before the game even starts: knowing that all three members of the Panthers top line that night — Jonathan Huberdeau, Aleksander Barkov and Dadonov — are all left-handed shots, something Hart knows before they break out.

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