Pro-Drills: Jonathan Bernier & Marco Marciano – Keys to Efficient Movement

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If there’s been a dominant theme among the Pro Drill and Pro Tips segments featuring NHL goalies, it’s been the importance of properly practicing even simple crease movements.

From Carey Price and Carter Hart stressing crease movement patterns as a foundation of their games, to Price imitating a pad save to trigger recovery movements because it makes them more realistic, to the simple three-pattern warm-up used by Connor Hellebuyck and Laurent Brossoit at the NET360 Goalie Camp, to our first Pro Drills article featuring Jonathan Bernier and his long-time coach Marco Marciano, the importance of quality movement is a constant.

Unfortunately, it feels like that message is lost on a lot of young goalies almost as consistently.

That was the case last summer when Marciano, who is the goaltending coach for the Montreal Canadiens affiliate in the American Hockey League, welcomed young goalies onto the ice with Bernier and asked them to perform the simple skating pattern in the video below.

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