Chris Driedger on how to rest and reset before puck drop… and Mindset Guru Pete Fry explains how to use it to anchor confidence

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Chris Driedger was in the midst of a breakout season with the Florida Panthers when the NHL season paused in mid-March because of the Coronavirus, and among the things he pointed to for his success were routines developed over the years to keep himself mentally engaged.

Driedger, who was 7-2-1 with a .938 save percentage that included a shutout in his first NHL start back on Nov. 30, pointed to a visualization routine during the national anthem as one example, but also talked about how he reset himself before the puck drops after a break.

“I’m going to be honest I feel like those little routines have kind of saved me a couple times this year,” Driedger said during an hour-long interview for the InGoal Radio Podcast.

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