ProReads with Cal Petersen: How to play a quick-strike 2-on-0 down low

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Much like last week’s Pro Read with Jake Allen, the lessons from this week’s video session breakdown with impressive Los Angeles Kings rookie Cal Petersen starts with an important lesson on never relaxing until the puck is actually out of the zone.

“It’s something you learn by mistakes,” Petersen said. “Probably gotten scored on a couple times by not being ready … you can’t relax until the puck leaves the zone.”

From that turnover inside the blue line, to a 2-on-0 that included one of the NHL’s top offensive players, Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers, to how his stance and skating strengths, two things he talked about on the InGoal Radio Podcast, gave him a chance, Petersen walks through the key elements of this sequence in his second Pro Reads appearance. We even managed to work in some old-school references to “The Dukes of Hazard” and “Top Gun” for fun.

​The Scenario … and the save

There really isn’t a lot to this one in terms of how the play develops, going from a turnover just inside the Kings zone to a 2-on-0 almost instantly, so there’s no need to dig into screen caps of the various stages like we have with previous Pro reads segments, including Petersen’s insightful first video review of a 6-on-5 sequence against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

So, let’s get straight to the save itself:

Before we get to Petersen’s take on how to play a 2-on-0, are there any keys you can identify from the play above that would have led you to read pass or shot by the puck carrier?

Any rule of thumb on a 2-on-0 in general that you use?

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Petersen did have a guiding principle for a 2-on-0, and he shares it in this Pro Read:

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