Pro-Drills: Senators Pierre Groulx and Hoberg net drive and pop pass

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Among the many lessons from watching goaltending coach Pierre Groulx work with a trio of Ottawa Senators goalies over three sessions during a pre-season visit to Vancouver back in late September was how often he added some type of dynamic or read element.
“There’s a time and place for static drills but to me you want to create a game situation as much as you can,” Groulx said while going over a couple drills on video at the time. “Every situation is different, so you make it more game like so the goalie has to react to it.”

That includes this simple drill he did at the end of a morning skate with Marcus Hoberg, a low net drive with a pop pass option just above the face-off circle. While the repetitions in the video below may all look the same (and sadly an issue with our recording limited us to this minute of footage), Groulx explained after the subtle differences he is looking for – and creating.

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