Carter Hart: Low to high broken play leads to point shot and short side rebound

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Carter Hart returns for his third Pro Read segment from our hour-plus video session shortly after the NHL paused its season. This time the young Philadelphia Flyers star breaks down a sequence that has several elements: a low-high passing option out of the corner, a broken play bounce to a wide-open defenseman with his stick cocked, and a short-side rebound to one of the NHL’s top snipers.

Before we dig into this play, a reminder to take a look back at the 21-year-old’s first two entries for Pro Reads, starting with some self-criticism at the end of a four-sequence backdoor save off New York Rangers star Artemi Panarin in his debut, and continuing with his second Pro Read, a backdoor save off the rush against Florida Panthers forward Evgenii Dadonov that ends with Hart spread out a little more than he’d like. Tough on himself in the first two, there isn’t much that isn’t to like about how Hart plays this tough sequence against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Now we’ve got high-scoring Tampa Bay defenseman Mikhail Sergachev walking unchecked into a slap shot near the top of the face-off circle, and Hart settling into his stance just inside the top of his crease. With Sergachev apparently ready to let fly, what do you think of Hart’s depth. Quickly scanning the rest of the ice, can you see any need to maybe be conservative?

Yep, that’s Nikita Kucherov, who won the NHL scoring title and Hart Trophy last season, staring at an empty net to Hart’s right. It’s worth noting what Hart is staring at too, however. So, what do we think? Time to reach? Stretch out? Panic and go into goalie-911 mode?

While you ponder that, let’s take a look at the entire sequence in real time, noting that this entire sequence takes approximately eight seconds from Verhaeghe to Kucherov:

The Save

Now let’s take a look at the entire save sequence on video:

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