Last week San Jose Sharks consultant Adam Francilia shared the Swiss Ball Groin Buster with InGoal Members, looking at both the important strengthening components as well as key muscle-firing patterns and the relation to the biomechanics we employ on the ice.

Today he has a goalie-specific twist on the classic push-up. It comes complete with progressions so that even the young goalies in our audience will benefit  — and let’s not get distracted by the “one arm” part of the title – hang in there. You’ll go from push-ups that are easier than a standard two-arm push-up all the way through to a one-armed push-up that includes some eye-hand coordination. 

Check out the complete video below. As always, there are important form tips worth seeing before you jump right in and the progressions come. a bit later on as well. Add these to your workouts and before long you’ll be crushing one arms and making saves at the same time.

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