Carter Hart: Odd man rush vs. Colorado backdoor one-timer

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As Carter Hart continues to build his case as the best young goalie in the NHL by leading the Philadelphia Flyers past boyhood idol Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens, and into a second-round playoff series against the New York Islanders, the timing seemed perfect to go back to our hour-plus video session with him earlier this summer for another Pro Read.

This marks our fourth Pro Read segment from that extended video review session with Hart, who recently celebrated his 22nd birthday in the NHL playoff bubble, but before we dive into the details its worth looking back at his insights from the first three installments.

Hart started with some self-criticism (and a good explanation of counter-rotation that will become relevant again during this breakdown) at the end of a four-sequence backdoor save off New York Rangers star Artemi Panarin in his Pro Reads debut, and continued with a second entry, a backdoor save off the rush against Florida Panthers forward Evgenii Dadonov that ended with him spread out a little more than he’d prefer. Hart’s third entry was a busy, multi-faceted chance that included a low-high passing option out of the corner, broken play bounce to a wide-open defenseman with his stick cocked, and a short-side rebound to one of the NHL’s top snipers. Watching those first two breakdowns, especially, you probably noticed Hart can be hard on himself, which is part of his seemingly constant desire to find improvements and that continues with this fourth Pro Read, which features an odd-man rush and one timer (and possible Stanley Cup Final preview) against the Colorado Avalanche.

The Save

So, what do you think allowed Hart to make this save anyways?  

Take a closer look at the full sequence in real time below and see if you can identify some of the reasons he may have been behind, and the keys to his execution despite that.

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