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With the return of the NHL season and at least some access (every team is different) to visiting goalies as they come through Vancouver, we’re ecstatic to be able to get back to doing some live Pro Reads sessions and even more so to start with Minnesota Wild No.1 Cam Talbot.

If you listened to Talbot on Episode 90 of the InGoal Radio Podcast shortly after he signed with the Wild, you’ll know why. Open and insightful about his game and path to the NHL, it was no surprise that Talbot was a perfect fit breaking down video for his initial Pro Reads segments.


We start our session with Talbot with a 2-on-1 pass in the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Vegas Golden Knights and their deadly duo of Jonathan Marchessault and Riley Smith.

What are the first pieces of information you are looking for as Marchessault gets over the blue line and approaches the top of the right faceoff circle? How does it affect how you would play this? Keeping in mind all the Pro Reads we’ve done in the past, this should be old hat by now.

Based on that, where do you expect to see Talbot? Let’s see if he matches your expectations:

Does seeing Talbot starting well outside of his crease surprise you? Why?


Now let’s watch the entire sequence and see if you can spot any other information about this chance and the way it’s played — by both teams, hint, hint — that might affect your read.

Does seeing it at full speed change anything about the way you would have played it?

Does it change your thoughts on how Talbot played it?


Now let’s check in with Talbot for his explanation and breakdown of the save:


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