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Pro Drills: getting goalies comfortable in Zone 2

From vision cues, to blade-on-post location, to narrow butterflies, how to get good on a save that gives goalies fits.

Pro Drills: Luongo on windows to manage behind the net

Learn about tracking the puck behind the net and being ready for the challenge of a player passing back as you try to follow his movement.

Pro-Drills: Luongo uses screens to work on patience, shifting into shots

He may be retired now but we can still learn from watching a goalie with the third most wins (489) and second most saves (28,409) in NHL history as we present another drill from InGoal’s 2018 visit to Florida.

Pro-Drills: Senators Pierre Groulx and Hoberg net drive and pop pass

While fairly simple by design, this drill incorporates multiple options and reads that will test a goaltender under game-like conditions.

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