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Team Canada Throwbacks

Desbiens Finally Completes CCM Heaton Pee Wee Set

Sense Arena Virtual Reality (VR)Training for Goaltenders

a game-changing training tool in a category of its own

Celebrating International Goalie Day … through the battle to keep playing the position we love into our 60s

A look at how one InGoal Member has managed to stay on the ice long after the age most of us have hung them up.

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CCM Axis Mask

CCM Axis Mask

InGoal looks at the key innovations in the new Mask seen recently on Montreal’s Carey Price in the 2020 Playoffs

Pro-Gear: Carey Price Skate Lace in Glove

Pro-Gear: Carey Price Skate Lace in Glove

Carey Price answers a young goaltender who asks “why do you have two types of lace in your pocket?” and we go a bit deeper looking at the use of skate lace in glove pockets.