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Spinning on AXIS: bold new direction for CCM line

Thinner, lighter, harder rebounds and a new boot break but a few of the significant features in the all new AXIS

Pro-Gear: How Mackenzie Blackwood ended up in Jhonas Enroth’s glove

… plus the unique custom Velcro strap and metal buckle anchoring his skates.

Pro-Gear: Ball machines help NHL and other goaltenders stay sharp

A look at ball training for goalies during the pause, and one machine in particular that is surprisingly affordable and enough to challenge NHLa and NCAA goalies.

Pro-Gear: Carey Price Skate Lace in Glove

Carey Price answers a young goaltender who asks “why do you have two types of lace in your pocket?” and we go a bit deeper looking at the use of skate lace in glove pockets.

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Pro Gear: Carter Hutton

Pro Gear: Carter Hutton

Carter Hutton spoke with InGoal about his switch to EFlex while we also present an in-room video of Hutton walking us through his gear setup last season.

Pro Gear: Craig Anderson

Pro Gear: Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson raised some eyebrows when he opened the Ottawa Senator’s season in a new set of Bauer Vapor 2X Pro equipment after more than half a decade wearing Brian’s. Hear direct from the Ottawa goaltender about making the transition.