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Pro-Reads with Ryan Miller

6 on 5 vs. Leafs brings a different read than a regular 5 on 4 PK

James Reimer on Traffic and Dealing with Screens

Reimer talks us through tracking a play in-zone to the save through traffic

Pro-Reads with Eric Comrie

Facing a Powerplay: Skating, movement, vision

Jake Allen Montreal Pro-Read 4

Positioning and Movement Based on Threat Assessment

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Pro-Reads: Toronto’s Andersen Net Drive Off the Rush

Pro-Reads: Toronto’s Andersen odd-man chance with options

Toronto Maple Leaf Freddie Andersen had already heard about Pro-Reads when we met with him in Vancouver. He was excited to sit down with us and share some of his experience with our members. Enjoy the first of several saves with the Leafs #1.

Pro-Reads: Craig Anderson Rush Chance with Options

Pro-Reads: Craig Anderson Rush Chance with Options

This is the second in our pro-reads series as we sat down with Ottawa Senators goaltender Craig Anderson between periods at a game in Vancouver. As always, the insightful veteran was generous with his time and provided lots for InGoal Members to think about.