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Pro Tips: Jake Allen on trust and the importance of not chasing change

Having taken the reigns for the St. Louis Blues in their first-round playoff series, we look back at a conversation with Jake Allen and how he looks at process over results in evaluating his performances.

Pro-Tips: Rob Tallas on the importance of incorporating angles into warm up

Do you want to get better at angles? See what Floria Panthers Goaltending Coach Rob Tallas has to say about improving this foundational skill.

Mike Valley: 10 lessons from career of former Stars goalie coach

The first in a new video series with the former Dallas Stars Goaltending Coach

RoboSeal: New way to close costly RVH gaps with skate on post

A new take on an old problem could save you from some embarrassing goals.

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Carey Price Kickout (Updated 12/19)

Carey Price Kickout (Updated 12/19)

Carey Price tells us about a simple addition to his crease movement drills that InGoal first noticed at the Eli Wilson Goaltending Day with Carey Price