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Canadian Company ARMORI STEELE creates world’s first Luxury Goalie Mask

Canadian Company ARMORI STEELE creates world’s first Luxury Goalie Mask

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Project launchARMORI STEELE, a newly established Canadian-based sports, luxury and jewelry company is revolutionizing the world of hockey memorabilia by introducing a never-before-seen collection of luxury goalie masks. Architected to be the ultimate collector’s item, the company crafted a goalie mask that is covered in authentic gold and diamonds.

The brand’s first creation is a glorious tribute to Canada’s winning legacy in Olympic hockey. The mask piece entitled “The Redness of Pride” is a true display of art and pride. Near pure gold plating ingenuity is applied on the mask’s iconic cat-eye grill, while the hand painted artwork displays Canada’s greatest moments, which would make every true Canadian hockey fan proud. The mask is outlined with pure 24k gold foil and contains 1.5 total diamond carat weight.

The brand concurrently presented a second piece baptized “The American Glory”, attributing homage to America’s most glorious moment: The Miracle on Ice story. This art piece holds the same iconic signature traits as ARMORI STEELE’s first creation. Diamond stones and Swarovski crystals are encrusted throughout the entire mask’s surface, while proudly arousing a sense of history, pride and victory. The mask immediately caught the attention of a specialized sports boutique in Lower Manhattan, and will soon be listed for $12,500 USD.

In a recent interview with InGoal Magazine, co-founders Mai Tran and Andy Chung explained the process and philosophy behind each ARMORI STEELE collection mask. “We want to bring back the iconic exclusivity behind each goalie mask. As opposed to goalies in the nineties, we find that goalies nowadays change their masks too often, and masks are too commercially produced. We want to revive that unmistakable sense of distinction behind each mask”. Respectively, an ARMORI STEELE collection piece requires approximately three months of meticulous handcraftsmanship, with each precious stone selectively hand placed. Time, vision and precision are absolute musts in a mask completion process. The company aims to reserve these masks for true, elite collectors. For instance, merely three limited editions of “The American Glory” and the “The Redness of Pride” will be released to the general public.

Company Overview

Launched in early 2014, the company now operates in Quebec and Ontario, while catering to an International clientele. ARMORI STEELE is a pioneer in the field of luxury goalie mask creation, a field that was previously non-existent.

Enthusiasts can visit the ARMORI STEELE official website at for in-depth pictures, videos and acquisition of their creations. For the more affluent collectors, the company also enables the option of creating a 100% custom piece, where everything is possible. Any precious stones you desire, any personalized artwork is conceivable.

For general inquiries, auctions or acquisition:

Andy Chung
Managing Partner & Co-founder
Email:[email protected]
514-231-3931 (Office)

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  1. Paul Ipolito

    An answer to a question nobody asked.

  2. Paul Ipolito

    And with any luck, the world’s LAST Luxury Goalie Mask.

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  4. Todd

    So in one of their video it says
    “zero tolerance policy when it comes to perfection”
    “It requires immaculate mask craftsmanship”

    Yet its obviously a $450 Fusion 9961 off the shelf from Don Simmons and the cage is way off center. I’m not sure how an Itech 961 knock off qualifies as luxurious no mater how many sparkly things you put on it.

    • Paul Ipolito

      They paid to have this article placed, so it will be here for quite a long time. InGoal has hit a low point with this garbage.