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Real Chrome Snowflakes on Crawford’s Outdoor Mask

Real Chrome Snowflakes on Crawford’s Outdoor Mask

Chicago Blackhawks No.1 goaltender Corey Crawford wanted a simple design for his new mask to wear in the Stadium Series outdoor game against the Minnesota Wild on Sunday.

His longtime personal painter Stephane Bergeron of Griffe Airbrush in Quebec obliged with a crisp, clean new look, but he did manage to add some flash in the form of chrome snowflakes that were made out of real metal.

Not chrome paint, mind you. There is actually metal all over Crawford’s new mask. It’s kind of like the gold leaf that artists sometimes use, actual metal pressed thin enough to be applied like a sticker.

“It’s like a very thin sheet of mirror aluminum, so I can cut it into the shapes I want using the computer and then place it on the mask where I want it, almost like a vinyl,” Bergeron told InGoal Magazine, adding the color he chose for Crawford’s new mask is called Chameleon Chrome. “In big lights it will pop with more colors in it.”

As for the overall design, Crawford actually drew the outline himself.

“For this one Corey asked to have a very simple design, a very, very basic design,” Bergeron said. “When I sent him my first mock up, he didn’t like it but a few days later he sent me his own rough drawing.”

The mask includes four stars from the Chicago municipal flag, which Crawford also had replicated on CCM Premier pads made just for the outdoor game:

For more great artwork from Bergeron, please check out his Griff Airbrush website and his Facebook page. But first enjoy these close ups of Crawford’s new mask for Sunday:




Crawford Stadium mask

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