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Aaron Dell gets spooky new mask in time for Halloween

Aaron Dell gets spooky new mask in time for Halloween

Aaron Dell is heading into his second season as a full-time NHL backup goaltender, boasting some pretty excellent numbers for the “World’s Okayest Goalie”.

He’s always had a fun, scarecrow-esque feel to his lids, with toothy grins and Tim Burton-inspired stitching covering the design. This year, though, he’ll get even spookier than before – and just in time for Halloween:

With this mask on Aaron Dell is transformed into a pumpkin scarecrow🎃😱…. And the pumpkin is smashing into pieces and out from the pumpkin breaks a real badass shark…🦈 Watch out😎! Aaron really loves scarecrows… check out the previous mask I made for him. Here is the direct continuation…👊🏻 An action packed design loaded with 100% action and 100% shark attack, painted by me, 100% mask nerd🤓. And as the true pumpkin it is of course the light is on and the eyes and mouth are glowing… This design was so fun to paint and create❤️. I love the challenge to every day paint something new in a new style, always try to be as versatile as possible😊🙏🏻🎨. Thanks Aaron! @adell32 @sanjosesharks #DaveArt #nhl #DaveArtTheStorytellee @nhl #DaveArtTheMaskNerd 🤓

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The mask, designed by Swedish mask artist Dave Gunnarsson of DaveArt, takes the scarecrow feel of Dell’s last mask and gives it a jack-o-lantern twist for the coming season.

One side of the mask is the ‘scarecrow pumpkin’, as Gunnarsson dubs it, while the other side is a spooky, scarecrow-inspired shark. The two halves seamlessly create a formidable face, with the pumpkin splintering to reveal his oceanic counterpart, and the grin is surprisingly seamless for the two different feels brought to the concept.

The design itself is busy enough without adding any extra details, so this mask is devoid of the holographic patterns and team logos Gunnarsson traditionally incorporates into his works of art; fans of the San Jose netminder will see their team represented only through the shark making up half of the spooky face.

The mask isn’t without a fun extra feature, though: as pictured above, Gunnarsson used Glow Tech FX paint to turn the pumpkin’s eyes into glowing beacons on the design. Although it should only be visible when the teams come out of the tunnel, expect Dell to make a pretty impressive entrance at the Shark Tank when he dons this particular piece of equipment.

For more of Gunnarsson’s mask work, check out his websiteTwitter feed, and Instagram account.

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